My Titanium Knives (April 2012)


My 7 titanium folding knives Sage 2 Tuffthumbz Pimped Spyderco Police Boker Pipsqueak Protech TR-3 Manual Integrity Steve Karroll EDMW ( Chris Reeve Sebenza Strider SNG (GPK Exclusive)

Buck 284BK Small Bantam, Lock Back Folding Knife
Buck Knives 284BK Bantam TM BBW is the small entry into Buck’s popular Bantam Series. It is a small, lightweight, mid-lo… Click for More Info >>
SOG Specialty Knives & Tools TFSA-98 Flash II 1/2 Serrated, Black TiNi
SOG Flash II Partially Serrated Folding Knife. Perhaps one of the coolest knives you’ve ever seen. Forget its wicked-qui… Click for More Info >>
Buck 283BK Nano Bantam, Lock Back Folding Knife
Buck Knives 283BK Nano Bantam TM is a compact lightweight lockback knife, that can be carried as a pocket knife, or on y… Click for More Info >>

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Comments on My Titanium Knives (April 2012)

May 21, 2012

MetalsForBrunch @ 4:31 am #

I just bought the boker pipsqueak 4 weeks ago and Ive been playing with it since. solid lock up, no blade play and no wiggle. It sux you got a bad one and you should have it exchanged to blade hq. Nice protech knife, I’ve been eyeing that knife for a while and sebenza 21.

ibesteadymobbin92 @ 5:14 am #

I just sent an epicenter back to bladehq cause it developed lock slippage in 10 minutes. It was a piece of crap. Gonna need a custom one though haha. Buy I can’t see that happening on he pipsqueak though just based on how the blade tang is cut. It’s not radiused like the epicenter. Take it apart and bend the lockbar so it has more tension. That should make it lock up solidly.

ibesteadymobbin92 @ 5:34 am #

@ibesteadymobbin92 That’s not good though, I have one coming hahaha. Love the looks of the knife though

ibesteadymobbin92 @ 5:37 am #

I heard with the pipsqueak you have to bend the lockbar in and that fixes it. My strider did the same thing and bending the lockbar in worked

BillGoudy @ 5:56 am #

Nice collection my friend!

MaurizioGarzia @ 6:39 am #

awesome man you should check out my latest vid

p8ntballer8491 @ 7:08 am #

Rusty bayonet? Weekend pass is revoked.

gunnwild1 @ 8:06 am #

Great collection man. thanks for sharing

bikingshaun @ 8:39 am #

Sweet knives. That Strider is insane – love it.

p8ntballer8491 @ 9:05 am #

haha damn, you didnt tell me that story.

kalashnikov12345 @ 9:19 am #

Yea because I’m sure you were the first to do a titanium knife video. It was the LTC.

p8ntballer8491 @ 9:51 am #

you copied me bro. Was that the ltc or the c/ltc

commieforniatactical @ 10:48 am #

That Strider is awesome, you should do a detailed video on it. Titanium is awesome.

asilaydying1984 @ 11:27 am #

all nice blades there man! you probably have the coolest Police ive seen, I agree with you about Boker they have to many problems, but with the pipsqueak try tightening the pivot and the blade play should go away put lock tight on it as well.

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