My last two gifted knives!! CRKT, anyone?? A little help??


Wassup family, so here they are: the last of my early Xmas gifts from my lovely sister-in-law. I have to say they LOOK great, but I know NOTHING about CRKT Knives. No matter what, I’m VERY appreciative of the thoughtfulness of these gifts!!! To be quite honest – and I truly mean no disrespect whatsoever – I always thought CRKT were on the lower end of the many production lines of knives and I’ve never really been drawn to the few I have seen in person. That being said, this M16-14T is pretty beefy, looks good “in-person”, is razor sharp and the fit and finish is nicer than I initially complained about in this vid. It’s actually a pretty nice blade on initial inspection thus far. As I said in the vid, if anyone has ANY experience with CRKT Knives, good or bad, please share your thoughts/opinions with me, I’d be very interested to hear. As always: Be Safe. God Bless. FoL

Ridge Runner Black Savage Folding Knife
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M-Tech Folding Knife Stiletto Pocket Pearl White
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Comments on My last two gifted knives!! CRKT, anyone?? A little help??

May 27, 2012

FistsOfLegend1 @ 3:46 am #

Thanks? for watching!

FistsOfLegend1 @ 4:12 am #

No doubt man, thanks? for the input, and thanks for watching.

WoodenChicken1 @ 4:54 am #

Enjoying your reviews, good sense of humor. I have had some CRKT knives, and never had any problems with them. Have an M21-12 that I’ve had for years and it does the job.? These are knives that you can use and abuse, and not worry if you lose it or damage it, IMO.

SerialCapitalist @ 4:55 am #

Coulmbia River is a quality manufacturer. Nice blade!?

oromoto @ 5:01 am #

the knife is really nice, the only thing that troubles? me is the serrations and double lock…I had one with Zytel handle. It will start to flip really fast over time.

FistsOfLegend1 @ 5:25 am #

Indeed…..and apparently most of the other? versions of the M16 have had a few pivot issues and lock-up issues.

bankmind80 @ 6:01 am #

I’m liking that CRKT M16 – titanium version. Definitely nicer than any of the other options that CRKT has to offer as far as? the M-16 goes.

FistsOfLegend1 @ 6:56 am #

Thanks bro, appreciate the info….seems like? this M16-14T is one of CRKT’s top priced knives, so I’m very curious to see how it holds up to some use.

oromoto @ 7:14 am #

CRKT makes some OK knives with VERY OK prices. They make many knives with top designers, the M16 is Kit Carson design. He’s like the uncle of all knife makers. My favorite of all CRKT is? Eros designed by Ken Onion. Extremely sharp, EDC friendly and IKBS flipping action.

FistsOfLegend1 @ 7:57 am #

Amen to that TC! It blows my mind…especially when the crime rates are DOCUMENTED to be at a? higher level in areas where responsible citizens are not allowed to carry concealed or open!

FistsOfLegend1 @ 8:10 am #

Thanks bro, MUCH appreciated!! Yeah,? gonna try a little cut test with all three of the new knives and see how they do. The more I read up on CRKT knives the more they appear to be, as you aptly put it, a cheaper, “entry level” option for knife enthusiasts/users/etc.

FistsOfLegend1 @ 8:29 am #

Thanks for watching!?

tracycolorado @ 8:37 am #

After all the knifes and guns have been taken away from the citizens of the U. K. , It was Just Reported , That They Have The Sixth Worse Crime Rate In The World . Way Above The U. S. . Only The Criminals? And Government ( criminals ) Have The Guns and Knifes . Where The People Fear The Government , There Is Tyranny , Where The Government Fears The People , There Is Freedom

that515 @ 8:44 am #

love the vids bro there bcoming some of? my favs…i never owned a crkt but they seem like a good entry level blade….compared to my emerson addiction.

Snicke22 @ 9:00 am #


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