Cold Steel Vaquero Grande Folding Knife

25 – Massive Cold Steel Vaquero Grande folding knife with Nogales style clip point blade at 5″ blade length.

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Comments on Cold Steel Vaquero Grande Folding Knife

May 15, 2012

weaselunit123 @ 4:33 am #

I? guarantee that knife is sharper than you think it is.

DackIsBack @ 5:12 am #

That’s not? a knife… It’s a folding SWORD…

DackIsBack @ 5:34 am #

Fuckin’? hell it’s HUGE…

I think I’ll go for medium or small.

customtacticals @ 6:26 am #

I apologize for not learning all my stuff.. I guess 6 inches isn’t that big for a folding blade.. most folding knives are bigger than that aren’t they. Thank you for recognizing that I make an effort… I really? do try.

CreepyMax @ 6:29 am #

I ran a Working Horse Ranch in the Mountains near the Mexican Border near Viejas for 5 years , used the Cold Steel Gunsite “Tanto” numerous times a day in my work,CS makes great products, the body and blade? are perfect and i have put it thru knife hell , I would have loved the Vaquero Grande as it is even better for a cowboy life…. and its not a big knife its only 6 inches… must have very small hands….in the future maybe google some research before you start talking about stuff.

CreepyMax @ 6:54 am #

on a positive? note i like that you are making an effort ,.. if i May assist you on a few things.. Vaquero = Mexican Cowboy, Grande is pronounced Gron De as in Mexican for LARGE thus “Large Cowboy Knife”..the Blade shape is very specific to the requirements of daily life working with Horses and having to cut haybale string all the way to having to cut thru a one inch lead rope in an instant to save the life of a panicked animal…Nogales is a border town in AZ AND Mex south of Tuscon.

abstar57 @ 7:31 am #

would be good if u had any idea what ur talking about there good knifes id like to see any folder that could hold its own vs a coldsteel stress test like? there knives do

SlavaSvarogu @ 8:05 am #

my god? watta shity shit

MrNapalm138 @ 8:51 am #

nope? I liked your answer

customtacticals @ 9:01 am #

Not touchy, just a response.

I guess I should have just said “You’re absolutely? right, my bad. I’m sorry.”

MrNapalm138 @ 9:25 am #

Touchy touchy hahaha Its a good review I? was just saying.

customtacticals @ 10:11 am #

I did not intend to make it sound like Junk. Cheap is good if we’re talking about price. It is an entry? level knife, however. Everyone’s entitled to their opinion, however!

MrNapalm138 @ 10:36 am #

When you say entry level and cheap it really does these knives an injustice its a very well built blade I have used and abused the hell out of several voyagers and they are? all still holding up.This is a retardedly large blade for EDC but dont make it sound like its junk..I like the vid though and I am subing ya!

viniv20 @ 11:21 am #

they’re bringing a new version? of it in medium , large and extra large , as well as the voyager line that includes a tanto and clip point blade, alle 3 of these lines will have a G-10 handle and bead blast finish , they also feature a grip with ” finger choils” a bit like the spartan… as well as i like these new ones i like the older version better … but i’m not able to find any , so someone who has one ? hit me up !!

TheWitnesserer @ 12:11 pm #

Nah. I’d disarm him and aim both his gun and mine at? him and make him dance.

Rhinoch8 @ 1:03 pm #

Then? he pulls a gun. What you do? Outrun him?

MrAceboom2 @ 1:07 pm #

have you done a review on the triton OTF if you havent plz? do one

sasquatch4liffee @ 2:04 pm #

check their website for their new products?

thiscommentsux @ 2:55 pm #

i have a friend who is the size? of a fucking bear, this is his edc

fullautoarmalite @ 3:36 pm #

They have stopped making these and the Voyager and Gunsites, i wonder why ? I have the Spartan and its a great knife i also have the Vaguero Grande, i lost my Gunsite at? a Black Label Concert.

Mezmerized1 @ 4:21 pm #

that’s what i wanna know too,? it’s somehow out of production right now. i haven’t found a single online shop that still has them. i guess we’ll just have to wait

fullautoarmalite @ 4:36 pm #

Is? CS going to bring these back ?

jeffersontool @ 4:36 pm #

you said it,? ridiculous.

geakoner @ 5:24 pm #

thanks,? I was watching this on my iphone so it was a bit too small to read.

MrKevstro @ 5:39 pm #

Croc dundee :? Now that’s a Knife!

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