Deer hunting knives #73 / Bark River 3V Bravo1 & Ontario AFSK


The first deer for my 3V Bravo1

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Comments on Deer hunting knives #73 / Bark River 3V Bravo1 & Ontario AFSK

April 12, 2012

usmc11able @ 3:40 am #

sounds like you freezin ur ass off man

virtuovice @ 3:44 am #

The factory edge of 3V Bravo1 was definitely sharper than my stropped edge of A2 Bravo1. I haven’t stropped my 3V Bravo1 yet for the edge endurance test. But it stays sharp awesomely so far. Sharpness itself and edge retention on 3V seem pretty different from those of A2. If it takes stropping as easily as A2, I will need to change my steel to 3V from now. By the way I quit using this crappy sheath after having heard they quit shipping it with the knife. Thanks.

Allevj30 @ 4:01 am #

Wako I got the 3v based solely on this video. I’ve watched most of ur work and felt for some reason I wanted the 3v. It’s a beautiful knife. I cant believe how sharp it is! I’m very happy with the knife. Shame about the buckle stud on the sheath. Thanks

freestylmx311 @ 4:55 am #

I think youll find out once you get your high power rifle that alot of the deer will fall right when you shoot them because of the shock to their nervous system and will bleed out before they become conscious. Most people think deer die instantly when shot, but they do not unless its a good head shot or the spine is destroyed. Like you said, even a perfect heart shot, the deer can still run for over 100 yards before expiring

71wicker @ 5:38 am #

Nice, I watched your other video before I watched this one! It happens. These anmiles are so pumped with adrenalin nuthing will stop them! If its your first it won’t be your last. Good looking deer.

handsomewood1 @ 5:39 am #

Stop being self a self righteous azzhat. Wild shots? Were you being the scope? Did you hold the rifle? How do you know they were wild?
“Do not judge lest ye be judged”. Stop being such a judgmental prick. You have NO creditably here. Where in the phuck are the videos of YOUR hunts?

RJS4S @ 6:19 am #

It is the hunter’s responsibility to finish what he starts. If Japan’s laws limit the hunter to an underpowered firearm, the hunter should compensate by being closer before shooting and, if necessary, by finishing a wounded deer with an additional shot at close range. Wildly firing multiple shots, and frequently missing or wounding deer, as seen in several of this person’s videos, and videoing a suffering deer instead of finishing it, as seen in this video, is dishonorable.

travisormichael @ 6:57 am #

I extracted the heart from the minimum incision and held it up triumphantly and said “It is very tasty to eat”. I can have been looked like a devil for someone. Thanks.

Kevinthewiseone @ 7:48 am #

Thanks for the quick reply, and keep up the good work.

virtuovice @ 8:24 am #

I like the black for sharpening and the white for finishing to razor sharp. I don’t use the green at all. Thanks.

Allevj30 @ 9:24 am #

Waking a quick one I have black white and green compounds which should I use and when? I’ve found green to be best????

nerdiq @ 10:08 am #

great video

virtuovice @ 10:51 am #

What you say encourages me a lot. Thank you! I got the one from DLT Trading.

virtuovice @ 11:21 am #

I have ever seen starving deer many times during hunting in March. I don’t shoot them and keep them for the next season. They are too hungry and much careless. They are eating just on the side of the road.

Allevj30 @ 11:23 am #

Wako, the reality is important I think to see, there is no kindness or mercy in killing animals and the truth is there is no kind way to kill, so for me the fact that you warned people is great, as far as I’m concerned you’ve done the right thing right there. Anyway, to ask a silly question where did you buy the 3v from?

killkill120 @ 11:37 am #

Ahh, I dont like to see hunting, but I have seen what goes on in slaughter houses. I eat cow , so I support hellish suffering everyday. I watch the slaughtering of a lot of living things. It keeps me grounded and helps me cope with living as a filthy human. I hope animals will conquer the earth again. If there was no hunting then wild animals will suffer more greatly while starving. Have you ever seen a starving bear? I hope hunters would worship nature and animals.

virtuovice @ 12:05 pm #


virtuovice @ 12:55 pm #

The 3V Bravo1 is still awesomely sharp and no need to resharpen at all. When time comes, I mean when the edge endurance test is finished, it will go clear if it is hard to sharpen or not. If it is very hard to sharpen like ZDP-189, I will not like it as I don’t like the ZDP. Thanks.

222JIRO222 @ 1:46 pm #


MrTufan35 @ 2:44 pm #

Hi Wako SAN!

Nice video again. preview was good . you make as an observer and show the point of view .

As other hunter friends mentioned about respect to our animals makes as real Hunters so we should kill them without any pain and suffer.That makes as real hunters.

So now you like hard steels? as 3v? as you told that you like easy shaprining kind stills. right??

reeeci @ 2:49 pm #

yummy mikan…

virtuovice @ 3:45 pm #

It stopped moving very soon before cutting throat. I just wanted to broadcast the hunting reality. So I took the camera soon after the final shot which was given at 20 yards to its heart. Thanks.

virtuovice @ 3:49 pm #

No. I still had 5 rounds. But I didn’t feel any necessity to give it one more shot as a deer hunter who have ever killed 400 deer. Actually it stopped moving soon after the video was taken. Trust me that that kind of final movement often happens and stops soon. It had no consciousness nor fear then. Thanks.

KhawMengLee @ 4:49 pm #

Dear Wako,

Most people who comment on hunting being cruel are either hypocrites or Vegans. In both cases they are idiots.

Hypocrites are those that say hunting is cruel but then shovel steaks into their mouths ignoring the fact that they let other people do their dirty work in killing the animals they eat.

Vegans take the moral high ground that killing is wrong but ignore the fact that animals are killed when farmers harvest the vegetables they eat.

Keep on making videos mate!

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