Deer hunting knives #66 / DiamondBlade passaround finished.


This knife will be better ;

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Comments on Deer hunting knives #66 / DiamondBlade passaround finished.

April 19, 2012

Arcturus1739 @ 4:37 am #

You should at least take the tenderloins!?

virtuovice @ 4:51 am #

No. I don’t have that kind of talent at all. I just enjoy picking up some great? knives from the market. Thanks.

bsred733 @ 5:26 am #

Have you considered designing a knife? for your specific needs?

virtuovice @ 5:27 am #

I am thinking I would need to buy McMillan DiamondBlade Hunter and 3V Fox? River next season for my hobby. The collection of quality or handy hunting knives is my hobby. They are not necessary. I just want to own and use good knives. Thanks.

virtuovice @ 6:08 am #

No. I left it there for crows. I have got 40 deer in 3 months and I am a trophy hunter and very busy with making trophies. So I have no time to deal with other parts. My wife also has no interest in other parts than back straps and thighs. We have? few hunters and lots of deer to be killed on this island. Thanks.

virtuovice @ 6:46 am #

Maybe I like hollow grind more than flat grind. In soft materials like meat it performs pretty well and it is very easy to sharpen or reprofile to a convex edge because it has less? metal to be ground behind its secondary edge. Thanks.

SpartanJohns @ 6:49 am #

Talking edge retention only. If you could have this steel(Goddard) in your? Fox River or one of your other favorite knives, would you want it or not?

knifeliker86 @ 7:42 am #

Hello virtuovice,

do you? use also other parts of the anymal to get meat of it?
For example chestmuscle, legmuscle or inner parts.

virtuovice @ 8:26 am #

In Japan we have very few websites and no real knife shops where they sell hunting knives? from all over the world. So I always purchase my knives from the US or Europe. Thanks.

intothewilds2 @ 9:04 am #

Hello again Wako..just curious,is it pretty easy for you to purchase knives in your country,like i mean are there quite a few places(local knife shops/stores)that sell them or do you just order them from the U.S.A…i myself am in Calgary,Alberta,Canada and order quite a bit from the U.S…Please take care,Be careful on those hunts and keep up with the excellant videos,they are? packed full of info.and i watch them many times over…HAPPY NEW YEAR MY FRIEND…RICHARD.

MrZotZot @ 10:03 am #

Merry Christmas Wako. How do you feel hollow grind? performed when getting deer meat?

intothewilds2 @ 11:00 am #

MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR WAKO!!!First of all my friend a very sincere thankyou for such a wicked past year of knife videos n reviews..EXCELLANT MY FRIEND,EXCELLANT!!!Please keep em comin in the New Year and beyond and Be Careful n? Stay Safe!!!….Near the Majestic Rocky Mountains in Calgary,Alberta,Canada….Bye for now…Richard.

zivanovic018 @ 11:15 am #

It? is good that the wound healed nicely. It was a nasty cut.Fortunately, everything ended well. :)

captainpegs07 @ 11:44 am #

I think that knife would be fine. Here, it’s common to file? down grips to fit the individual. You’re lucky to have it :)

captainpegs07 @ 12:35 pm #

You have more? snow than Minnesota! I will have to move to Japan, I guess

virtuovice @ 1:29 pm #

I just visited the McMillan website and checked it out. I was amazed at its handle angle? which was very different from the Goddard Hunter. The sentences in red letters on the web will be true. It’s an awesome knife and only its price tag is the problem to me. Thanks.

ryanrrx @ 1:42 pm #

I’m very happy? to see you taking your time! Slow proper and safe is the way! In so very happy also to see you using the buck knives! I had no doubt about the conclusion! You may enjoy a convex edge on the buck lite max large also :) cheers

TheBladebuster @ 2:00 pm #

Nice to see where you where work (and hunt). Glad to see the wound healing pretty good.? You now have the real hunter scar.

kman338 @ 2:51 pm #

Thank you for the video. Would you consider doing something like a “best bang for the buck” review? IE what knives are best for up to $50, $100 etc.

I have been thinking? of getting this knife. McMillan has a diamond blade on their website. Very interesting knife.

virtuovice @ 3:32 pm #

I’ve ever visited there several times. But I was not able to find my? fitting knives there. Thanks.

eightgeorge @ 4:24 pm #

I think that it is over priced as well, I have a few Knives of Alaska and I think that they are just as good in D2 steel but a better price. Do? you have any Knives from this company? I think they are great knives for your purpose of removing backstraps…Merry Christmas.. at least you have snow lol..

virtuovice @ 5:16 pm #

I eat venison cutlet, steak, or curry twice a week or more. I think the aged venison is the most tasty meat of all and my family agree with it. And one of my employees likes venison as I like it and takes as much the meat as we consume in my family. So? her family must be eating venison all the year too. Thanks.

ikonik69 @ 6:16 pm #

Wako dont you get tired of eating stag? meat all the time ?

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