Selecting Your First Tactical Folding Knife


A discussion of considerations when selecting your first tactical folder, for the thinking warriors and responsible civilian self defenders out there. I would recommend starting with a diverse assortment of effective but inexpensive knives. Train safely, in slow motion, wargaming out different likely scenarios and basic moves. Learn the in’s and out’s of different types of knives, so that you can use what is available. Avoid spending huge amounts of money until you have gained some experience, since your tactical plan and thoughts on the ideal knife are bound to evolve and change over time. Avoid thinking there is one single “perfect” knife, remember, if you don’t do your part, no knife will save you! Likewise, with proper training and motivation, almost any blade can be extremely deadly.

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Comments on Selecting Your First Tactical Folding Knife

April 15, 2012

roger123ro @ 4:25 am #

spyderco? tenacious is also a good option

WeAllJuggleKnives @ 5:17 am #

Did you find one? It’s mine give it here lol?

Szixi13 @ 5:30 am #

I’ve got a question for you:
Have you ever? lost any knife?

ScotsSens @ 6:27 am #

I think you have too decide whether your using the knife in a daily role and also want it too be tactical, or if you? don’t really plan on using the knife unless your defending yourself. If your using the knife some what regularly you might want a decent steal that holds an edge and is easy to sharpen. If your only going to use it in emergencies then who cares how good the steal is because it won’t be getting worn out.

WeAllJuggleKnives @ 6:43 am #

The ZT 200 is one of my favorite knives too, great heavy duty folder,? I’ll be doing a review of it soon.

fakemail4suckers @ 7:04 am #

You make some good points. For example I carry 3 different knives depending on the day. At work (I’m a firefighter) I need a decent beater that can resharped easy. CRKT M16 gets dull fast but is light and Sharpens? back quick. For off duty when CCW a pistol I take my SOG Spec Elite 1. Its a good balance between size and “lethality”. If I’m going to a Bar or someplace that prohibits firearms I take my ZT 0200 since I don’t have the added weight of a gun I might as well carry a heavy duty knife.

WeAllJuggleKnives @ 8:00 am #

- The Smith & Wesson Homeland Security Spear Point folders are decent budget blades, I? haven’t tried many of their other folders.

BlackOfTheWest @ 8:46 am #

In your opinion, Is a smith & wesson special tactical? knife good to carry as a inexpensive folder. It locks up with litlle blade play, and it’s easy to sharpen. (I hear a lot of people complain about S&W knives.)

WeAllJuggleKnives @ 9:30 am #

- Also, a newer Spyderco that has a lot of potential in this category is? the Spyderco Manix 2 XL.

WeAllJuggleKnives @ 10:08 am #

-? Thanks, if you are willing to go to the higher price range, the Al Mar SERE 2000 is a classic folder that a lot of people have used and recommended for several decades now. Also, Emerson folders have a strong reputation, but are pricey of course. Hope that helps.

EvanN108 @ 10:27 am #

this is an interesting review, I love collecting knives atm I have a CS Spartan for the self def. role. I kinda was looking at? the police, or maybe even an endura for a thinner, lighter knife. I also really liked the persian, and I am willing to buy a more expensive knife.or maybe another cs knife? Oh I’m also semi experienced with knives and martial arts so I’m not a beginner but I respect your opinion.

05thruxton @ 11:13 am #

I like your review. I started collecting knives simply because I like them, just like pens, sunglasses, watches,? etc., & I don’t buy terribly expensive ones but they are nice. I don’t like my cheaper ones much but do use them in the shop or yard I don’t damage my better ones. I have a couple of good larger tactical knives but enjoy the smaller gentlemen’s folders a lot more and like most guys enjoy the compliments on something like my Kershaw
Onion/Centofante or the Rainbow Leek. Thanks!

WeAllJuggleKnives @ 11:28 am #

- Thank you,? I am glad it helped.

ldsc2005 @ 11:29 am #

This review really helped me get started. I have bought a few to start… the tenacious, SOG Salute, and a beast of a folder known as the Timberline Tactical folder.? The Timberline is like holding a war sword! Thanks Israel for your review!

charlesburton95 @ 12:13 pm #

My first serious tactical folder is a Cold Steel AK-47.? Since it has the thumb-plate that can be used to wave-open the knife, it deploys VERY fast, and can be found on Amazon for about $60, which is half the MSRP. Definitely worth it since there’s NO blade play in mine whatsoever, and it is a VERY intimidating knife, which is something that I look for. The Aluminum strike plate isn’t too shabby, either :P

SUPERSPARTA41 @ 12:58 pm #

i use a sog trident,? it has been very good to me and it is very affordable

DJdestropath @ 1:04 pm #

my first knife was the smith? and wesson black ops

happymark1805 @ 1:06 pm #

always go for a full black knife as a tactical, they can be as cheap as a buck bones and keep? it sharp.

WeAllJuggleKnives @ 1:54 pm #

- The price has gone up since 1-2 years ago,? sadly.

ibesteadymobbin92 @ 2:24 pm #

Where? did you find an al mar sere for $130? Bladehq has them for roughly $190-$210

CannabisDelux @ 2:47 pm #

No spyderco byrd cara cara 2 in your lineup? also cheap an mt TF for? the last few months.

unaffiliatedperson @ 3:21 pm #

in hind sight the tip down carry was a miss but i actually was able to juggle the knife into an over hand position and get my assailant? in the back while he had me pinned down. it did deploy fast though.

Psychoticalchoholic @ 4:10 pm #

the cold steel Spartan is perfect for me, I’m? very confident in it

WeAllJuggleKnives @ 4:24 pm #

- u have convinced me?

WeAllJuggleKnives @ 5:20 pm #

- That’s cool, I have their Homeland Security Spearpoint, the? biggest size one, it is cheap but effective and is large enough to be used as a bludgeon when closed.

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