PA Open/Concealed Carry of Knives/Guns


This video focuses on PA Open/Concealed Carry of Knives/Guns; describes the various types of folding knives, and addresses the legalities of Open/Concealed Carry of Knives/guns.

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Comments on PA Open/Concealed Carry of Knives/Guns

April 21, 2012

PSFSDINC @ 4:42 am #

Thanks Bro- Slowin’ down in my “Old? Age”, but will hopefully have a few up real soon:) Howard, CEO

mrmezmureyz @ 5:26 am #

GREAT video as always Howard !!! Keep? up the great work…your presentation an d info are fan-damn-tastic …OOOH RAH

PSFSDINC @ 6:07 am #

Thanks for the comment & support Bro- Our company continues to fight to maintain the 2nd amendment along with Open Carry/Concealed carry rights for ALL? Law Abiding Citizens:) Even though our Governments view is currently “askewed” on exactly what and who a “Law Abiding Citizen” is:) Take Care- Howard, CEO

snakeandgames @ 6:47 am #

thanks for the info? u really know a lot im glad we have people like you on youtube

PSFSDINC @ 7:00 am #

PA is a very unique and individualized state thanks to the Second Amendment included in? our own PA State Consitution: “The right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be questioned” which is very well stated and self-explanatory- As is the US Consitution’s 2nd Amendment which seems to be attacked on a daily basis. Problem is, it only takes ONE(1) “whackjob” to give “ammunition” to sell-out politicians to try to take those rights away. This November- VOTE:) Thanks Bro- Howard, CEO

PSFSDINC @ 7:13 am #

While that is most certainly true, you can also travel anywhere in the state with a PA driver’s license(and not to bring? up reciprocity again, but the PA drivers license is valid in ALL the United States of America- so WHY isn’t a PA Carry Permit?); however, different cars have different equipment which is not legal in each county/city in this state let alone the rest of the USA. Those separate and individual jurisdictions make up their own laws- ask Philadelphia:) Respectfully, Howard, CEO.

snakeandgames @ 7:53 am #

what i like about PA you can open carry with the? gun loaded unlike other states where if stopped by cops they have the right to check ur weapon to make sure it is unloaded

jonnybsk @ 8:22 am #

i got my pa permit about a year and half ago and at the sheriff’s? office in bucks county it was explained to me that my permit is good anywhere in the state.

PSFSDINC @ 8:45 am #

Hi Bro- In a “perfect world” everything works “Perfectly”; however, in? Philadelphia………………………Need I say more? LOL:) Thanks for the comment Bro- Howard, CEO

pjbsr1961 @ 8:57 am #

from what i have read. it is legal to carry concealed in philadelphia as long as you have a pa.issued carry license.they are good in all counties.?

PSFSDINC @ 9:23 am #

Hi Bro- Pretty much if you are hiking and Camping on trails in PA, a knife is acceptable and especially these days, warranted(along w/a handgun). In Philadelphia, it has been my experience that you cannot carry anything the legislators deem “dangerous”, and I have NEVER been able to get a straight anser? from anyone in City Hall. THANK GOD I do not live in Philadelphia! LOL:) Thanks for your support- OOH-RAH! Howard, CEO

joehershey1 @ 9:53 am #

What about fixed blade open carry do you know anything about that I carry a gerber on my molle pack sometimes and I was told in Philly you can not carry any item classified as a knife in Philly period unless directly related to your occupation.?

PSFSDINC @ 9:56 am #

Thanks Bro! Much appreciated:) Have a? great weekend- Howard, CEO

raccoontrapper @ 10:02 am #

Well said? man! You got my support from Mohnton, PA.

PSFSDINC @ 10:50 am #

Hi Bro-? Well Put, but be careful if you travel in Philadelphia- the city makes their own laws as the go along:) Thanks for the GREAT insight Bro! Howard, CEO

ProphetGuardian @ 11:37 am #

For knives? there aren’t as many restrictions if you see through the loopholes made by the legal jargon. Most laws will out right say if a type of knife is illegal. Automatic/ Switch-blades and Bali songs are usually stated in the laws a illegal to carry open or concealed. Along with Bowies in Maryland. As for other knives the laws usually some up to they are only illegal if you are using them in a crime or to intimidate someone. Otherwise carry on (literally).

PSFSDINC @ 11:57 am #

Thanks Bro!? :) Howard, CEO

buttflyzzz @ 12:46 pm #

got my vote! From? Easton PA.

chickomenon @ 1:21 pm #

It’s the incidents like this that give firearms a bad reputation. “Oh no, that woman ’snuck’ a gun into Ground Zero! What was she trying to do?!”. Some people feel more comfortable when? carrying a firearm, so other people should respect that fact. Especially if you’re going to a tourist trap in NYC.

PSFSDINC @ 2:03 pm #

Thanks Bro- OOH-RAH! Howard, CEO?

DigitalHaze65536 @ 2:49 pm #

No need to apologize, I agree? with you 100%! Support from Allentown :)

PSFSDINC @ 3:19 pm #

Thanks Bro- Help us make a difference in November 2012 by? making all of the Oppressive “Progressive” Liberals in Office UNEMPLOYED! OOH-RAH! Howard, CEO

PSFSDINC @ 4:07 pm #

Thanks Bro! :) Did you read about the latest New York incident where a woman from Tenn was arrested at? Ground Zero for carrying a firearm which she was legal and licensed to own in her home state!? We NEED RECIPROCITY in ALL 50 States! OOH-RAH! Howard, CEO

Riflemanm16a2 @ 4:11 pm #

I agree? 100%, man.

chickomenon @ 4:14 pm #

As a former resident of Philadelphia, PA and a current resident of Moosic, PA, I would like? to tell you I agree with everything you have said. Philadelphia is an absolute joke IMHO.

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