Masano-kami (晶之守). Japanese folding knife.


Two examples of the Masano-kami folding knife. Both black ebony wood handgrip. One with carbon steel blade (blue steel), with stainless steel (6A if I’m right) the second. Piemontese opening system (as higonokami knives) plus framelock. I belive they are the masano-m1 (stainless) and m3 (carbon) models (from the information in the web : As in the shop where I bought them, there was not info about the model (only the sticks with the legend “MASANO-Kami MF-201 SE” and “MASANO-KAMI MF-203 Black-CE” for the stainless and carbon steel respectively).

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Comments on Masano-kami (晶之守). Japanese folding knife.

April 27, 2012

nihontoman @ 4:38 am #

thanks :) the prices seem? really weird, though 30 euros sounds really good.

Dexusta @ 5:19 am #

that’s a difficult cuestion. I paid 30 € for each. Before buying them I did a little research and I found weird prices: around 60€ here in spanish and french shops, 30€ in a german one… so I went to japanese shops and found the prices there were >? 100€. I found that there was a huge number of variations of the same model (different handle materials and different blade steels conbinations). The prices were from 100€ to 300€ in Japan… if I recall right.

Dexusta @ 5:25 am #

Isn’t easy to say the price. Tat ones I got for 30-40€. Other shops show the knife for 60€. And in japanese shops the price was a mess cause there are loads (>10) differente variations of the same model (changing the blade steel & handle materials). I can tell you the? name of the shop I bought that from if you want and I can find it.

nihontoman @ 6:24 am #

good looking knives. I’ve always? wanted good modernized higonokami knives. how much are they selling for ?

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