CRKT – Natural Series folding knife review by Pat Crawford.


CRKT’s Natural Series takes folding knives to the next level. We use natural material including white bone and stag to make a cool knife!

Great Neck Sheffield Blue Folding LockBack Utility Knife (12113)
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SOG Specialty Knives & Tools TF-7 Trident Tanto, Black TiNi
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Columbia River Knife and Tool M16-10KZ 3-Inch Black Folding Knife
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Buck 284BK Small Bantam, Lock Back Folding Knife
Buck Knives 284BK Bantam TM BBW is the small entry into Buck’s popular Bantam Series. It is a small, lightweight, mid-lo… Click for More Info >>

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Comments on CRKT – Natural Series folding knife review by Pat Crawford.

February 15, 2012

enjoiorange @ 4:35 am #

Just ordered the 3.88 version gonna be my new edc cause my CS ak47 is to utilitarian looking

11kemo11 @ 5:15 am #

aimed at crawford directly, because of the quality working materials used. you mention workability with your knives, if you had just one, just one, solid spine blade with a guthook close to the tip, i would certianly give one of your knives a go. that said, very nice craftmanship Mr, Crawford. i look forward to any considerations you make towards a better working knife, pazzaz….. meh, working materials winnner. i’m out.

SmartFool24 @ 6:10 am #

Yeah, the AO was fun for a little, but I’d prefer manual all the way. The only AO knife I have left is my CRKT Ignitor which is a great little beater knife.

LoneRiderz @ 6:55 am #

Because where I stay any knife that has a spring connected to the handle is considered illegal. Removing the spring is an option but then the knife will not retain in the handle in the close position as there is no detent. Its a great looking knife but the law is such. I wish CRKT and Kershaw would make non-assisted versions available on a lot of their models.

SethVandenberg @ 7:35 am #

Very curious. Why would you never, ever ,get an assisted opening knife. I find them exceedingly convenient. There is currently some nonsense about changing the definition to a switch blade ( illegal ) The down side to the “West Side Story ” of the 50s. The fastest opening knife I have ever owned was an Emerson ‘ Wave’ way quicker then a switchblade or assisted opening. But I’m still curious. Thanks

FiveHeadedWolf @ 8:04 am #

you know u can take out the asisted opener really easily right? takes like 1 min.

LoneRiderz @ 8:20 am #

Why!? Why did you have to make these Assisted Opening knives!? I’d love to get one of these but no way am I ever getting an assisted knife, ever….

frips1000 @ 8:37 am #

its a heavy knife

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