Deer hunting knives #62 / BlackJack M125 & Bark River Fox River


My top 3 hunting knives so far.

11″ Full Tang Fire Starter Hunting Camping Knife W/flint
This is the Full Tang Survival Knife with Magnesium Fire Starter. The Blade of the knife has been constructed from 440 S… Click for More Info >>
SE 11 1/4″ Hunting Knife with Fire Starter
This 11 inch military tanto style field knife features a full tang matte finished stainless steel blade with deep saw ba… Click for More Info >>
Set 3 Ninja Stealth Black Throwing Knives with Nylon Case
The set of three throwing knives comes with a case that you can keep them in. Carry on your belt or in your backpack. Wh… Click for More Info >>
Smith & Wesson CKSUR1 Bullseye Search and Rescue Fixed Blade Knife
The Smith and Wesson Model CKSUR1 Search and Rescue Fixed Blade Knife features a 5.88″ modified clip point blade made of… Click for More Info >>

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Comments on Deer hunting knives #62 / BlackJack M125 & Bark River Fox River

January 26, 2012

virtuovice @ 4:38 am #

@eightgeorge I always search for a bear to hunt. Thanks.

virtuovice @ 4:58 am #

@TheOutdoorAussie Yes, I have. But I didn’t like its VG-1 steel and its gummy handle, and gave it to a hunting beginner. Thanks.

virtuovice @ 5:42 am #

@gruntpwnsnubz Yes. So I get them from overseas directly. Thanks.

virtuovice @ 6:04 am #

@SniperSurkov no limit to reduce the overpopulated harmful deer. Thanks.

TheBladebuster @ 6:48 am #

Wako san
at 13:00 – are you sure it was a deer and not a cow (lol), He is massive!

TheBladebuster @ 7:25 am #

Funny I had the same observation on the Oh deer oh deer ……it was definitely deer, dear when he is at home. I watched each and every videos several times, I am actually experiencing some withdrawal symptoms if there are no new videos and have to view the old videos to get my fix :)

pseftis21 @ 8:23 am #

you are very good on cutting and meat for gift was traditional in my country (greece) but not any longer, amazing knives

LiamMitts @ 9:06 am #

@LiamMitts Oh yeah,one other thing.The more I watch the Fox River knives,the more I like them.They work well on back straps and they seem easy to handle.Thanks again.

LiamMitts @ 9:52 am #

@virtuovice I am surprise that you can hunt so many deer in Japan.We are only allow one each year.My friends and I would be like kids in a candy store hunting in Japan.I thought that was funny at the first of the tape when you said Oh dear or Oh deer,either way it was funny.Thanks again for the videos.Sometimes when I have time I watch them several times.I like them very much.

TheBladebuster @ 10:50 am #

Check out his trophy making videos – its a work of art.  Wako san strive for perfection from what I can see.

TheBladebuster @ 11:18 am #

Illegal to use bipod or monopod and so is pistol grip gunstock.

TheBladebuster @ 12:04 pm #

Due to the deer over population of deer in Hokkaido, this year hunting season started a month earlier I believe for a total of 5 months. The first month has no daily limit but it ended Nov 30. Starting Dec until the end of the hunting season – it’s 1 deer per day but no limit per season. It’s a hunter’s paradise.

SniperSurkov @ 12:24 pm #

how many deers are you allowed to shoot in a season?

gruntpwnsnubz @ 12:52 pm #

Are knives expensive to get in japan

MPSecare @ 1:28 pm #

@virtuovice I was not aware of wild boars in Japan! cool!

spikekrossa @ 2:03 pm #

you should get some stoney point shooting sticks. I have the ones that telescope from 27 inches to 65 inches. very steady bipod, we use them for hunting all the time. Thanks for all the great videos.

parfumatu2003 @ 2:50 pm #

Waw – u subscribed to me ? It’s an honor ! Doumo arigatou gozaimashita

bradwjensen @ 2:50 pm #

Another great video! :) I always learn new things when watching your videos. I’d like to see a video of you showing how to get all sorts of meat off a deer, or other animals; more than just the back straps.

TheOutdoorAussie @ 3:14 pm #

I have watched many of your videos and you have helped me to decide on buying a blackjack 125. It seems like a great hunting/field dressing tool. I have also ordered a cold steel master hunter, have you ever used this knife? thanks for the informative videos…

eightgeorge @ 4:00 pm #

Can you hunt for bears in Japan, or is it forbidden? Nice Vid’s again and those bear tracks seems really big I would be really scared if I came face to face with one… You are a brave hunter … Good luck with the rest of the season.. looking forward to more of your vid’s

mccullenj @ 4:48 pm #

You showed great character with the effort you took to ensure your gift of deer meat was perfect.

Penthraxxus @ 5:26 pm #

@virtuovice Possibly the RAT 1 Folder?

virtuovice @ 5:26 pm #

@parfumatu2003 I subscribed to you. Thanks.

virtuovice @ 5:42 pm #

@LiamMitts I have already got 28 stag this season. The season continues until the end of March next year. Perhaps I will get around 60 in total. Thanks.

virtuovice @ 6:28 pm #

@mz9393mz I am not sure about the third too. Thanks.

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