Deer hunting knives #56 / Toyokuni & Queen


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Comments on Deer hunting knives #56 / Toyokuni & Queen

January 12, 2012

eightgeorge @ 4:35 am #

@virtuovice Looking forward to many of your good vid’s, Good Luck with your hunting my friend

virtuovice @ 5:01 am #

@eightgeorge The season will continue? until the end of March next year. It is full 6 months to reduce the overpopulated deer. Thanks.

virtuovice @ 5:16 am #

@lesterskinner Sure, it was a Fox. I? guess it let the deer know my approaching. Thanks.

virtuovice @ 6:11 am #

@blatherama Two years ahead the aurthority will give me a rifle license? after finished 10 year shotgun period. Knife EDC is totally forbidden in Japan. The entire blade length is limited to 6 inches. But if it has a choil or a deeply jimped ricasso, the length is the cutting edge. Thanks.

virtuovice @ 6:27 am #

@cavemanss No, I don’t.?

Wyndstarthedruid @ 7:09 am #

Toyokuni, I would would love to? experience the blue paper steel.

cavemanss @ 7:31 am #

do you ever keep? the pelt?

TheNOTL @ 7:34 am #


I love the look of the wood handles and? checkering.

armasoutdoors @ 8:09 am #


I like? it……

MrBlather @ 8:37 am #


How many more times will you get to? go hunting this season?

ivek63 @ 9:25 am #


Excellent video as always, why not shoot? the fox

deadman54 @ 10:01 am #

The Toyokuni? is best

hunainmadi @ 10:21 am #


fulie1 @ 10:23 am #


I would like to be considered for the? Toyokuni please. Thank You.

Nebulax123 @ 11:04 am #


Nebulax123 @ 12:00 pm #

Wako:You were correct the? Queen knife you used in the USA we use for fish and birds, it is not really suitable for larger game.

Chassealarc @ 12:59 pm #

Wako, My friend, good job stalking? in a noisy rainsuit. I think the Japanese Toyokuni would be best. see you, bye-bye

hivoltsman @ 1:19 pm #

hey? there Wako….Toyokuni for me…never turn down damascus…thanks for all the cool vid

catskilljoe @ 1:28 pm #

Toyokuni not? a 125 but looks interesting i would like to try it

RhodiesNeverDie @ 2:22 pm #

I have no? Japanese knife yet. Toyokuni please.

Thank you.

hugobos1 @ 2:49 pm #

Toyokuni, If i win
thank? you virtuovice.

Torro1969 @ 3:15 pm #


Thank you Sir, for the oppotunity to take part at this generous giveaway!

Greetings from Germany

ReviewThisFyi @ 4:07 pm #

Toyokuni,? please.

lagook @ 4:42 pm #

Toyokuni please ! thank you :D ?

SuperRecurve @ 5:26 pm #

Wako, Thats a beauty stag. Yes it is hard to stalk in noisy rain suit. Success for you any way. Since Queen is USA? Co., I say Toyokuni, Please.

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