Deer hunting knives #2 / Fallkniven F1 & TK2


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Comments on Deer hunting knives #2 / Fallkniven F1 & TK2

January 19, 2012

andrisig33 @ 3:43 am #

@virtuovice and @jedirifleman thanks for having this discussion about hunting stag (male deer) in both this item and in Deer hunting knives summary ( #5 ~ #8 ) During the discussion I have learned some of your good? arguments and I hope you have been thinking about mine. I’m very glad the deer population is in no danger what so ever (according to what you are telling me). Thank you also for you honesty and patience :-) I would like to join you some time in the future. I don’t mind the hunting!

andrisig33 @ 4:10 am #

@jedirifleman I didn’t call the virtuovice actions dishonourable. I explanted it is not honourable to me. But what meaning is there in having a trophy if it has been sold and bought? It is like a painting on the wall (you may like)? The honour thing wasn’t the focal point of this discussion. I’m concerned about the spices as a whole and it’s natural evolution. If you hunt for management or food, then there is no need killing the largest deer. Do what nature would do. Kill the weak.

andrisig33 @ 4:20 am #

@jedirifleman “Honourable in my understanding is when someone helps someone else (or perhaps himself) in “need and despair” regardless of the danger he phases in doing so. Killing (someone or) some animal (who or) that is mostly and almost defenceless is not honourable to me. That’s our difference in point of? view. Thanks for sharing !

I’d answered this question else ware already Sorry for putting it twice but perhaps it is more clear for other readers this way.

andrisig33 @ 4:25 am #

@jedirifleman apology accepted :-)

I understand the difference between management and honourable as you explain it. We still disagree what is honourable.? Honourable in my understanding is when someone helps someone else (or perhaps himself) in “need and despair” regardless of the danger he phases in doing so. Killing (someone or) some animal (who or) that is mostly and almost defenceless is not honourable to me. That’s our difference in point of view.Thanks for sharing views :-)

jedirifleman @ 4:28 am #

@andrisig33 Is a bullfighter against a baby calf honorable? Why you think killing the smallest and weakest is honorable is a mystery to me. It might be better management of resources but not honorable. Its culling the herd. It may also be bad for the herd genetics if the small ones you shoot are the genetic superiors from a superior stag unseen who? has been killed in an unfortunate event prior to you seeing the herd.

jedirifleman @ 5:04 am #

@andrisig33 Where I come from calling a mans actions dishonorable is the same as calling him dishonorable and is an insult of the highest magnitude and often results in fights when said face to face. Maybe? its different in your part of the world.

jedirifleman @ 5:34 am #

@andrisig33 I deleted the post from public because I realized it sounded a little angry. Nothing I can do about your copy or I would have deleted it as well. I appologize if It came across as name calling. I was only trying to? describe your illogical stance and not you. My point is killing the smallest and weakest as you say is honorable is not and is in fact “management” whereas killing the biggest, strongest and best IS HONORABLE and not management. See my point?

andrisig33 @ 5:48 am #

@jedirifleman I think that I have stricken a nerve inside you. I can be wrong, but that’s what it? looks like. If you can’t take another person’s opinion. It’s better to be quiet about it. It will bite you if not here, most probably in another situation. Again my opinion and vision. Lastly we live in a free society, with freedom of speech. That however is not the same as the freedom to call someone anything you like. You need to be respectful to the other person.

andrisig33 @ 5:48 am #

@jedirifleman You have to read my post again, because I never have written virtuovice isn’t a honourable person. I have written the killing is without honour. Besides virtuovice, doesn’t do it for the honour. His own words. I do applaud his honesty and I do like the knife reviews he puts online. I never attacked you or virtuovice. But you do. Your so called deleted? post is in my inbox. Do you want me to put it on again? And what about your remark troll elsewhere? Your words.

jedirifleman @ 6:29 am #

@andrisig33 You started the “personal? attack” by attacking Waco and calling him dishonorable. You dish it out but can’t take it I see.

jedirifleman @ 6:32 am #

@andrisig33 You just called a man? dishonorable and yet you expect not to be called anything? If you notice I deleted the post immediately before you even had time to read it. Any deer that dosent avoid man isnt the “best” deer at all. How do you know that someone who killed the “weakest” deer as in new offspring wouldnt be killing off this deer’s offspring? So killing off all 30 of this deers offspring would somehow be better than killing this deer?

andrisig33 @ 6:56 am #

@jedirifleman To disagree? is something totally different as being wrong and what about calling me stupid or silly? Don’t tell me to go elsewhere, don’t call me names. Did I say something about your abilities or skills? This kind of defensive language only is used by someone who can’t hear or listen to someone who disagrees. If you have good arguments and I will listen, perhaps you can convince me. I hope you will try again, without the personalized attack and bad language.

andrisig33 @ 7:46 am #

@jedirifleman I don’t think shooting and eating the kills is honourable. Eating and killing isn’t the problem either. It is the selection he makes. What’s so important to hunt for the biggest deer? This disturbs the natural selection. Is it not more natural to hunt the weakest of the deer? If anyone would kill only the best genes out of the group, then what will be left of the group after some generations? This will? weaken the species as a whole. And that’s what ‘is’ the issue.

t0uvwj86 @ 8:34 am #

@jedirifleman You are right in what nature can do. But nature doesn’t make your decisions, people in some parts of asia fish shark just for their fins for medicine and ditch the the rest, yes nature will? do its job but your decision to do so isn’t so right. Right!! Just a thought ;) I believe some people out there would die to shoot their first deer and probably cherish ever inch of the animal. But virtuovice keep up the good “knife” videos

jedirifleman @ 9:27 am #

@t0uvwj86 There is no waste in nature. Whatever virtuovice dosent eat, the bear, fox and? birds surely will.

jedirifleman @ 10:24 am #

@andrisig33 He (virtuovice) eats all his kills. THAT IS HONORABLE. He (virtuovice) is also a predator and a mammal on planet? earth hunting another mammal therefore his actions are indeed part of “natural” selection. Please go troll elsewhere.

LiamMitts @ 10:45 am #

Hey That was a great shot and the rack on this buck is very impressive.I like the Falkniven knives.I bought the F1 and WM1 for a back up knife.The TK2 looks to? be a superior knife.The metal seems to hold a better edge.Thanks for the video.

andrisig33 @ 11:05 am #

@virtuovice On your video “Deer hunting knives summary ( #5 ~ #8 )” I made some comments and I’m glad I made you think about it. And I do like the knife reviews you? did not acknowledge that. I hope, as do I, we can enjoy nature for a long time. Doing in such a way it will not damage nature and its wild life. Not enjoy it while it lasts, we need to make it last. These animals don’t have a voice and can’t argue themselves. This is “also” our responsibility as a human.

virtuovice @ 12:03 pm #

@andrisig33? Somewhere someone says the same thing. I am a trophy hunter and I don’t need the honor which you say. You shoot a small deer as you like.

andrisig33 @ 12:13 pm #

@virtuovice, I love the knife reviews, but I don’t understand that you have to select the “Harem Boss” to be killed.

He would? never be killed by the natural predators unless it would have an illness or during a battle for ruling the harem. By killing with a rifle it isn’t a challenge anyway. Now there is no difference in killing the male or a female.

If you would do it by using a spear I would salute you. Now I can’t. The price is too high. The trophy is without honor. This is my opinion

virtuovice @ 12:43 pm #

@bradwjensen I forgot if I had compared them directly. But I once had the H1. Its blade was uselessly thick and heavy. Its bevel geometry was very deep and difficult to get enough sharpness for me. It’s handle was less ergonomic and kind of dangerous without even a guard design on it. So I sold it off after a single use.? Thanks.

bradwjensen @ 1:04 pm #

Excellent review. I liked how you said the F1 is more for survival; while the Tk2? is more for ‘bushcraft.’ Have you tried the H1 and compared it to both the F1 and Tk2?

virtuovice @ 1:10 pm #

@t0uvwj86 We are kind of obliged? to reduce the overpopulated deer and I get 70 deer a season in average. So I just need backstraps and thighs. And selling meat is forbidden by the food sanitary law. Thanks.

t0uvwj86 @ 1:49 pm #

How much meat do you harvest from the deer? seems like the deer goes to? waste???????

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