Knives to Be Outlawed: Contact Congress


[PLEASE PERSONALIZE THE FIRST PARAGRAPH OF YOUR LETTER, ADD CORRECT ADDRESS, THEN CUT AND PAST BELOW. YOU CAN ALSO JUST USE THE BODY OF THE TEXT FOR YOUR EMAILS TO YOUR CONGRESSMEN (still personalize it). EMAILS ARE ACTUALLY PREFERRED IN COMMUNICATING WITH THEM. REMEMBER TO CHANGE OR ADD TO THE FIRST PARAGRAPH SO YOU ARE NOT CENSURED and DISREGARDED BY SCANNER PROGRAMS-- NUTNFANCY] RE: US Customs & Border Protection Re-classifies spring assisted opening knives as switchblades! Dear Senator or Representative (insert Congressmans name and office address here!): • Millions of good people across the country use folding knives for duty, utility tasks, outdoors activities, emergency services, rescue operations, and for legal defensive purposes. The Office of US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) is however seeking to change that and turn these good people into criminals. • CBP is revoking earlier rulings that assisted opening knives (that require manual manipulation to deploy!) are NOT switchblades. Since many courts and legislative bodies rely upon these CBP knife definitions, this revised ruling will have broad and unintended consequences. It promise to affect all knives too, not just imports. • With this re-definition, most folding knives will be interpreted as illegal despite the smokescreen of disinformation that CBP is dispensing over this issue. It will create unneeded bureaucracy, more unenforceable laws that will burden peace officers, have devastating effects upon

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Comments on Knives to Be Outlawed: Contact Congress

January 28, 2012

ThatReptileDude @ 4:25 am #

Is this still in effect?

THEGRIMREAPER5650 @ 5:09 am #

@pyrobombs you are sooooooo right!

mysss29 @ 5:47 am #

@Angyal269 rofl

luisytacc @ 6:37 am #

@pyrobombs You’re right, they’ll probably realise that and move to ban all kitchen knives too, since those don’t even need to be opened :o . Now seriously, I doubt they’ll do that, but the CBP needs to be more reasonable, outlaws will still have access to dangerous weaponry, other than knives, but because law-abiding citizens won’t buy them, they will have fewer means for defense. Of course ideally we wouldn’t need them but the Police can’t be everywere.

JensenT16 @ 7:37 am #

CBP is full of people who don’t know what they are doing if this is inside the US they should not worry about what gun or knife we have or carry. They need to focous on there job of protecting our border and stoping the drugs, not this they should not even be involed with this anyway. Love the videos Nutnfancy keep up the good work

pyrobombs @ 8:09 am #

wow. So if a knife opens by itself, OOOO SCARY :o . But if you use 2 hands to open it, it isn’t capable of killing people? Fail

Ihatestupidppl970 @ 8:48 am #

yeah fuck that shit, can we focus on a real problem like our national debt and this healthcare bullshit or immigration. i love the place that i live but i hate the people in charge. dont ban spring assist, hell bring back switch blades

HorrorAngel666 @ 9:44 am #

I think the people need to stomp on a few of these scum fuckers necks to set a precedent. Death should be the maximum penalty for making laws in violation of the constitution. The military and police need their guns and knives, sound cannons and gasses taken away, NOT the people.

scottharriger @ 10:25 am #

@carrotsnot95 It’s true. My father was a police Captain, on the force for 30 years here in my hometown. It’s seems that the policies have gotten more chickensh– over the last few yars since he has retired. I figure that laws for everything will get more and more opressive until there is a world wide uprising. Simple as that. Might take a while though.

carrotsnot95 @ 10:46 am #

@scottharriger cause cops are people 2 they realize that congress is full of people who were picked on growing up and now they wanna tell everybody else what we can and cant do with every new law it makes cops lives harder and harder now they jus about have to get shot at to hit somebody without gettin locked up

scottharriger @ 10:52 am #

@carrotsnot95 Keep it anyways. It ain’t illegal unless 1)It’s writen illegal in law and 2)You get caught with it. Furthermore, you can always keep it at home and just take it camping etc. Hey that’s lame, I know. I know guys that carry switchblades and butterfly knives for the last twenty years and never been caught . . .yet. Perhaps we will have a bunch of knife offenders in jail soon. Here is one more thing: there are more and more laws, while we have less and less cops. that’s doesn’t add up.

carrotsnot95 @ 10:52 am #

@scottharriger they’re after my buck quickfire? not kool i jus got the thing…

carrotsnot95 @ 11:20 am #

@mattbaldea YEA BABY!

IwinbyKO @ 11:54 am #

1. If they enact a “assault knife” ban does that mean they are banned out right or will there be some kind of knife show loop hole I will be able to get them from?
2. If my knife per say is 922r compliant could I get away with an American made blade and screws, but import handle and liner? Can TAPCO provide all the American made parts?
Just you wait guys the feds will go after plastic sporks next, they will be the Glocks of the cutlery world. Woweee and these tards are running the show……

mattbaldea @ 12:10 pm #

@viper19861986 texas

TheSmackfan101 @ 12:17 pm #

@viper19861986 TEXAS!!! FUCK YEAH!!

TH3aznEmperor @ 1:13 pm #

@viper19861986 Texas it says on your profile…

viper19861986 @ 1:20 pm #

They can ban knifes, if i can keep my guns :)
No really, it is retarded.
I don’t need to mail my congress man, he is so pro and gun :D guess what state im from!

Angyal269 @ 1:28 pm #

It’s for your own safety people, they just want to make sure that you don’t bring a knife into a gunfight. :-)

sandythebear @ 2:27 pm #

I made sure to leave Senator Udall and Senator Bennett my message.

scottharriger @ 2:39 pm #

I read the bill. It does indeed include several different kinds of knives. Gravity, switch, intertial, spring assist, one handed, flick assist, thumb stud one handed opening, all kinds of crazy legal language in it. It will be back.

TheTobyKing @ 2:41 pm #

friggin hell r they retarded to even think about this????

bobjoemagee @ 2:53 pm #

Um…this is just to ban assisted opening knives….so not all knives will be banned…

Shogunelite @ 3:17 pm #

Yeah, I’m keeping my blades with me, never had a use to kill anyone with them but if someone rolls up on me with the intent to hurt me or another what better and more subtle way then a knife? I’d rather you focus on gun control first.

tranquilglass @ 4:11 pm #

@marsape what are you getting at? the kid is right in what he/she stated. the more ground you give any group or idea that much more will be fought for. knives are for a plethora of things. a ban on knives of any kind is pointless with the vast amount of differant kinds out there. it’s a show of judical power in giving a fasle sense of sicurity and how well the dumb can be controlled.

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