Knives For Survival (Cheap Utility & Folders)


I show different smaller budget knives you might find useful in a wilderness survival situation. Enjoy. Folding Knives Shown: 1. Ganyana Lite $22 2. Havalon Folding Scalpel $25-30 3. Gerber Metolius $30-35 4. Ontario RAT 1 $30 5. Ka-bar Dozier, Large $40 6. Opinel Knife $15 7. Cold Steel Pocket Bushman $25

Buck 112 Ranger, Lockback Folding Knife
Buck Knives 112 Ranger is a smaller version of Buck’s Venerable 110 Folding Hunter. It is also a lockback design, featur… Click for More Info >>
M-Tech Folding Knife Stiletto Black
3 1/2 Inch Black Stainless Steel Blade Black Aluminum Handle Quick Opening Thumb Stud Pocket Clip Included 5 Inch Closed… Click for More Info >>
Buck 55 Folding Hunter
Buck Knives 55 Folding Hunter is the direct descendent of the legendary Buck 110 Folding Hunter. The 55 is an heirloom s… Click for More Info >>
Buck 0371BRS Stockman Folding Pocket Knife
Buck Knives 0371BRS-B Stockman is a large 3-bladed traditional folding pocket knife. It has a 2-7/8″ clip point, 2-1/8″ … Click for More Info >>

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Comments on Knives For Survival (Cheap Utility & Folders)

December 17, 2011

WeAllJuggleKnives @ 3:57 am #

@torinEvask – The Buck 110 Lockback is a classic knife and has served many people well for years. It is affordable, easy to re-sharpen, and resists rust. Also, the Buck Vantage Pro is an excellent folding knife for everyday carry.

torinEvask @ 3:59 am #

whats your take on buck knives, for utility and camping type knives, i heard they are pretty good, and my dad has one and loves it, but you seem to know your stuff and looking for another opinion

driftworld86 @ 4:53 am #

@driftworld86 lol sorry… *kydex sheath*

driftworld86 @ 5:09 am #

@WeAllJuggleKnives yea ka-bar fighting knife (#1213) has kraton handle, kraton sheath, bowie shape blade, 1095 steel, and all the ka-bar goodies :D
was just curious if ontario or camillus have like…replica versions or something lol

WeAllJuggleKnives @ 5:52 am #

@driftworld86 – No it’s just a Ka-bar with a textured Kraton handle.

driftworld86 @ 6:27 am #

@WeAllJuggleKnives is it any different from the ka-bar itself? :/

WeAllJuggleKnives @ 6:32 am #

@driftworld86 – I have that one too I think. I think I’d get the Ontario version of the Ka-bar!

driftworld86 @ 7:09 am #

dude! i have similar book! mine’s “SAS Survival handbook” by john ‘lofty’ wiseman =D
btw, i can’t find any videos on YOUR review on KA-BAR fighter (1213)… i’m thinking of getting a knife but i cant decide on ka-bar 1213 or sog seal pup elite! (mainly for camping and wood processing)

rakkkhi @ 7:16 am #

i belive the first opinel you show us was a 9 possibly a 8(most popular size)the nb are suposed to be wriiten on the ring(lock mechanism)..awesome knifes i own a bunch of them and used them for all sorts of things very good slicer, small task bushcraft,carving tool very light weight and easy to sharpen.. peoples also used them alot for food preparation i sugest the stailess(inox) version for that, i personaly prefer carbon steel opinel and mora are my 2 fav cheap knife brand!sorry4mypoor english

IRALEG @ 8:09 am #

opinels are great knifes super sharp and very cheap i love mine use it all the time.

WeAllJuggleKnives @ 8:47 am #

@Tupac786Jr – Not sure which number this one is, but I pciked up the Opinel #12 recently and I like it, 12 is the largest one (except for the giant more novelty one), more than 4 inches but super super light. 

Tupac786Jr @ 8:55 am #

opinel in france is like a victorinox worldwide. which opinel is it because their is so many different types that look exactly the same

CanadianPatriot86 @ 9:27 am #

I think a good thing to have every day is a utility knife, a food knife and a fighting knife.

MickyChicky33 @ 9:50 am #

As soon as you said that I shouldn’t waste the edge of my main survival knife on small tasks that the razor could handle, I got the idea of it being taped onto it, so that it’s easily visible, and more likely to be used in that situation, BUT you could also put it in a hollow base knife, which I figured was the perfect kind of knife to use for that improvised spear I might have mentioned to you before, cause if the razor’s edge isn’t covered, you might cut your hand when gripping.

WeAllJuggleKnives @ 10:44 am #

@Taud I’m sure they do! They are great, just got two more, even larger sized ones. ~Sensei Israel

Taud @ 11:32 am #

that opinel 15$ knife looks boss! if they sell them in canada i would so cut my steak with that shit!

oromoto @ 11:34 am #

I kind of like the opinel and the bushman.

n8mknite @ 12:18 pm #

cool vid. informative

WeAllJuggleKnives @ 1:09 pm #

@RickyBricks86 It’s like with my knife collection I always think “just a fewww more items and it’ll be completel” ~Sensei Israel

WeAllJuggleKnives @ 1:42 pm #

@BaByGoTtHeRuNz Thanks! That is a true classic, I’ll have to get one and review it sometime. ~Sensei Israel

BaByGoTtHeRuNz @ 2:19 pm #

Great Video Israel! I do prefer a fixed blade knife in general but if I had to choose a folder for survival it would have to be the classic Buck 110

Jargin9112 @ 2:25 pm #

@WeAllJuggleKnives Oops I meant Mora knives, sounds like they are on the same playing feild ie, philosophy of use= carving knife.

RickyBricks86 @ 2:57 pm #

i guess the cold steel pocket bushmen it is! my survival pack is all most complete. (i say “survival pack” but it looks more like a military backpack ready for armageddon. my cold steel trench hawk looks sick mounted on the side) the more i watch your channel the more shit i add to it lol.

WeAllJuggleKnives @ 3:33 pm #

@Jargin9112 The Opinel knives are really good. They are very light in weight, feels like half the weight of a traditional Buck Lockback. The blade design also has a lot of cutting power. ~Sensei Israel

Jargin9112 @ 4:02 pm #

Nice overview of some great survival knifes dude!! I’m opting on getting a opinal for bushcrafting, are they as good as a morrel?

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