Deer hunting knives #44 / Bucklite Max, Buck 102, Helle Temagami, & Enzo triad


My first deer hunting in this season.

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Comments on Deer hunting knives #44 / Bucklite Max, Buck 102, Helle Temagami, & Enzo triad

November 3, 2011

Loue333 @ 4:05 am #

Very good video! Thanks for sharing.

virtuovice @ 4:06 am #

@MrLorenzotrigueros My gun is Winchester M70. The barrel is changed to .410 caliber smooth bore according to Japanese gun control law. 3 years ahead I can own a rifle after finished 10 year training with shotguns. 30 caliber is very popular for deer hunting in Japan like 308, 30-06, or 300 Win Mag. I will have 308 at first. Thanks.

MrLorenzotrigueros @ 4:25 am #

what brand is your gun and what caliber how do u like it

BFlogs @ 4:53 am #

Nice deer

virtuovice @ 5:37 am #

@71wicker Yes. It’s our way. A superior hunter taught me this way and all of my hunting friends do this way. I hunt 50 deer a season and I don’t need much meat. When the location was no good for the field dressing, I carry it into the mountain and throw the rest into the valley. Crows, hawks and bears consume it. Thanks.

71wicker @ 5:43 am #

Hay bud, nice looking animal!! I gotta ask yha, over in the states it’s a given to gut out the game before anything else. I see you go wright for the back straps and them the groin muscle. Do you just leave the rest behind?

north61 @ 6:05 am #

Nice job. You are getting like a surgeon! Try out the Ken Onion Skinner by CRKT. I like it but I got it after we got our moose this year. Freezer full of meat will have me waiting a while before I use it on game.

virtuovice @ 6:26 am #

@ikonik69 I have no experience on 5160 but many experiences on 1095. I convexed every single 1095 knife of mine. And it keeps its edge longer than regular class stainless steels but not longer than A2 or S30V in my experience. 1095 is similar to O1. They roll before chip. Thanks.

ikonik69 @ 7:06 am #

@virtuovice Wakooooooo what you think about 1095 or 5160 I see you have more than few knives in 1095 steel hows the edge retention on them

virtuovice @ 7:16 am #

@JEDIHAMSTER101 I totally understand what you mean. But I am not allowed to have a rifle until I have had shotguns for 10 years under the Japanese gun control law. 8 years have passed. I am now using a .410 caliber slug gun. The absolute kill range of my gun is 150 yards while a real rifle has 300 yard kill range. But I fire when I cannot approach any more and it’s in 250 yards. Then the kill possibility is pretty low. It’s our ridiculous way of deer hunting. Thanks.

JEDIHAMSTER101 @ 8:03 am #

i think from seeing the wound on the body from were your bullet hit and seeing the next video you need a new rifle and practice more to hit the deer in the sweat spot just behind the shoulder not were you hit this one

virtuovice @ 8:22 am #

@ikonik69 In a convex edge A2 carbon, in a V edge S30V stainless in my experience. I have no experience on new steels like 3V or S90V. Thanks.

ikonik69 @ 9:05 am #

Wakooo!!!! what steel knife hold edge for long stainless or carbon steel ?

virtuovice @ 9:15 am #

@traderjoes The BuckLite was good. I will give it a convex edge and it will get much better. Thank you!

traderjoes @ 9:20 am #

Not bad with a broken rifle stock Wako! It looked to me that the Bucklight was the better knife, because it cleaned the meat cleanly and you didnt complain about the traction or slickness. Also, your friend was a great photographer!

traderjoes @ 10:02 am #

Not bad with a broken rifle stock Wako! It looked to me that the Bucklight was the better knife, because it cleaned the meat cleanly and you didnt complain about the traction or slickness.

joedapro555 @ 10:37 am #

Hope to see more of your recipes.

virtuovice @ 10:45 am #

@ryanrrx I have so many knives to use this season. But I am planning to show you every single knife of mine. The season will continue 6 months. Thanks.

ryanrrx @ 11:15 am #

Also, I’m curious to see the recluse and ak47 in dressing, do you have any plans for this?

ridnovir @ 12:13 pm #

Congratulations with the new hunting season, wish many successful hunts and beautiful stags.

virtuovice @ 12:41 pm #

@rocru17 It’s very difficult. First you must have the right of permanent residence in Japan. Second you must read Japanese very well to pass the test. I know there are just a few foreigners who have a hunting license in Japan. Thanks.

rocru17 @ 12:52 pm #

Is it difficult for a foreigner to hunt stag in Japan?

virtuovice @ 1:38 pm #

@ryanrrx Thank you! I know the BuckLite Max can take a micro convex bevel very well from my experience on my Buck Vanguard hunting knife. The both are 420HC and the Vanguard outperformed some other hunting knives. I will put a micro convex bevel on the BuckLite Max and compare it with some real hunting knives again.

ryanrrx @ 2:13 pm #

The helle is beautiful! I honestly think if you micro convex the buck lite max large like you convexed the ak47 hallow grind knife, the buck lite max large will out preform all! Thankyou for sharing!

TheBladebuster @ 2:42 pm #

50 is actually a very conservative number – he got over 70 last season I think and this year there is no daily limit and hunting season was extended by 1 month. He nailed 3 stags of the first day of the opening season.

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