Gerber Gator Folding Lockblade


Knife review of the Gerber Gator Folding Lockblade. This is a first review, Most of my reviews will be based on having used the knives for a while.

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Comments on Gerber Gator Folding Lockblade

November 23, 2011

Ghostkamo @ 4:03 am #

@bluenoserr Yes, the sheath worked itself out over time. I agree a lanyard hole would be nice. I did a follow up review on my Ghostsquatter1 channel.

bluenoserr @ 4:50 am #

@tanerofies Put a bit of WD-40 (or something similar) on your blade every now and then to keep the rust away.

bluenoserr @ 5:11 am #

The sheath will improve with age. The knife will work its way further in, and the nylon with mold itself around the knife. Such is the way with ballistic nylon. When it is new, it will be very stiff though.

I have the non-serated version of this knife and I love it. I just wish it had a lanyard-hole on the back. I may drill one…..

Ghostkamo @ 5:49 am #

@thewizardking13 Thanks for the input. I did a follow up review on this knife on my Ghostsquatter1 channel. I have to agree with you on this knife, It’s a keeper.

thewizardking13 @ 6:05 am #

I bought this knife 20 yrs ago,still have it.I love it.

tanerofies @ 6:38 am #

I’ve lugged the fine edge version of the Gator around for ca 6 months now, on and off. The things I’ve noticed about it are that it’s best in a back pocket, back or jacket. It’s easy to sharpen, although it doesn’t hold the edge long. It has rusted on me, although only surface, easily wiped off. The handle is super, although not as sticky when wet as claimed. It’s a fairly sturdy knife but it will loosen up a bit if you chop with it. Makes a good obtusely sharpend utility knife, imho.

Ghostkamo @ 6:45 am #

I took it out on the snowy, wet day this weekend and it did well. The grip is great and the factory edge on the blade seemed as sharp as a Mora to me. I will have to give it a few more times out to see how the sharpness holds up. I dulled a mora just taking the bark off of two oak walking sticks but, it took an edge back with no problem. We’ll see how the Gerber does.

Ghostkamo @ 7:29 am #


Ghostkamo @ 8:22 am #


Ghostkamo @ 8:50 am #


TheRedHawk123 @ 9:02 am #

I’m needing a replacment EDC blade. $21 is a fantastic deal Kamo. How does it hold up field working?

GlockAnimal @ 9:12 am #

Very Solid Review Brother!

nj4x4fever2 @ 9:35 am #

Nice Review Kamo, Thanks for sharing!

cava002 @ 10:10 am #

good review kamo

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