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New Hunting Knife Website

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Home Page > Sports and Fitness > Archery > New Hunting Knife Website

New Hunting Knife Website

Posted: Nov 28, 2009 |Comments: 0
| Views: 194 |


I want to start out by saying welcome to Steel Hunting Knives. Come check out my newly designed website. After years of hunting myself, I have decided to create a website devoted to the hunter providing them with the best selection of hunting knives available on the market. The companies I selected to represent have the highest quality knife products available not to mention high quality Steel they use for their blades. By using high grade steel the knives edge stay sharp longer than other knives on the market.

 Not wanting to be like the other websites that offer thousands of knives and small pictures with vague descriptions, we want to be specific to what is offered to customers so amount of product was reduced. This trimmed down list of high quality hunting knives are easy to view because we are not showing so many products. Some of the hunting knife selections include Buck, Boker, Case, KaBar and SOG. The design concept used when creating the website is easy to use due to the large images we decided to use instead of a thumb nail picture. This makes knife the images easier to distinguish as soon as the page opens.


  There are two custom knife lines, Rapid River Knife Works and Entrek USA. Both brands offer a very top quality product. Rapid River Knife Works offers four blade styles and five different handle selections to fit any ones need to have something different. As an added bonus Rapid River Knifeworks also offers FREE Laser engraving. This allows the customer to add his or her name or last name to the order form when placing the order. Entrek USA offers an extremely heavy duty knife using C-4 Carbide Boast “Knives made with Muscle”. Other brands that are offered are Smith and Wesson and Schrade knives.

  The last brand I wanted to mention is Outdoor Edge Cutlery. They have many great products one of them being the Swingblade. With the ability to house two blades in the same handle makes this a very comfortable knife to carry on the hunt. This knife along with the SwingBlade Pack has contributed to one third of Outdoor Edge Cutlery’s annual sales.

  There is also a bonus section called Trophy Room. These are photos from successful hunting trips from children to adults. We at Steel Hunting Knives extend an invitation to our customers to send us your trophy’s picture and we will gladly post your pictures to the website. We also added a Site Map to allow html browsing from cell phones that are not windows compatible.

  Finally a few interesting facts that I found when doing research for this article. Over 68% of hunting knife owners are men. There were12.5 Million people hunted in 2006. There is 22.9 billion dollars spent by hunters each year in the USA. Also 24,775,000 Million U.S. Households own a hunting knife and 4 Million Boy Scouts and volunteer/leaders – 75% own knives. Visit us at

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Mike Lurk -
About the Author:

I have been a Hunting Knife enthusiast for years and have brought my passion to create this website and offer quality hunting knives and tools in the USA.
Thank you
Steel Hunting Knives
Your Hunting Knife Specialist
Mike Lurk

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Hi, I started a new website. I do not know anything about copyrights and policies. However, I would like to know whether I should obtain a copyright to publish my own content or not. Thanks Venu
What is the best way to promote a new website to be in a high page rank in google?
Hi there i am jacky tan, i am new comer for this posting article site, i am just wandering how is considering of being good article content and do article base support poster doing thier SEO job?

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I have been a Hunting Knife enthusiast for years and have brought my passion to create this website and offer quality hunting knives and tools in the USA.
Thank you
Steel Hunting Knives
Your Hunting Knife Specialist
Mike Lurk

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