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Comments on Opinel Folding Knife Review

October 6, 2011

b8702131 @ 4:13 am #

Just checked my no. 6 to be sure – my knife does not lock in the closed position. The grind is also different from my other knives. It’s not flat but slightly convex.

CannabisDelux @ 4:24 am #

The problem with the locking ring is that some times it opens itself when doing things that put strain on the blade. (beleave me i got one today an my pinky hurts like shit) verry verry sharp knife

homsen123 @ 5:04 am #

I got both one opinel nr 8 and one victorinox with 8 tools :)

xmoroseguyx @ 5:22 am #

@GamerzMedia Well, I guess you could cut it off with an axle blade, But, I think you would want to remove the inner ring, That`s probably securing the blade hinge itself

175079 @ 5:37 am #

it is not pear wood the opinel website states that pear wood handles have not been made since 1955 and they do not exist in modern production so update you information

Vim281 @ 6:04 am #

How much does it cost?

CobblersThumb @ 6:53 am #

@GamerzMedia you can take the virobloc off easy,lock it closed and pull the blade..it pops off..you dont damage the lock or knife

cub90with170bhp @ 7:13 am #

I think the wood is beechwood, Opinel haven’t used pearwood for a long time.

petiterochelle @ 7:39 am #

I think it is a good fishing knife because it floats in case you drop it in the water.

druisteen1 @ 7:57 am #

100 years ; 1090 steel , hard wood

foxholeathiest @ 8:13 am #

Great knives. Don’t waste your time with the inox. Buy the carbon steel and take care of it, or force a patina on the steel. To UK users the locking ring is easy to pop off with simple tools. If the blade without the ring gets too loose, the unstabilized wood can be made to swell and provide better friction with simple immersion in water.

wolpack1116 @ 9:12 am #

@GamerzMedia The older ones had pretty weak locking rings. If you tried to open the knife while it was locked closed, the ring would just fly across the room. It might be different now; that was 12 years ago.

pichnoufblues @ 9:15 am #

Salut/hello all
This is true that after many years of use, the blade is sometimes difficult to open with the nails. Impossible with gloves.
All french grandfathers open their opinel like following: turn the ring in open position, hold the knife by its ring and gently hammer the wooden “point” of the handle on a table or a hard surface. The tip of the blade will show, finish the opening with 2 fingers pinching the blade. Lock it and cut yourself some bread saucisson and cheese!

stfoo @ 9:39 am #


Take a look at /watch?v=wnRiH-_QEog — seems it’s quite easy to take the locking ring off.

MisterMinnesota @ 10:31 am #

@GamerzMedia Yes, I have done it before.

chisacat @ 11:16 am #

Great review , An Opinel knife will last a lifetime if looked after well , when I go shooting my Opinel No.8 is the first thing I make sure I have on me – a great trustworthy bit of kit – the best £9 you will ever spend .

bionicdrill @ 11:37 am #

i live in france the savoie ragion and i got 4 of these all different colors. all for 40 euros. thats about 50 dollars. they work very well but they are quite to open.

meenink112 @ 11:57 am #


opinel123 @ 12:26 pm #

I believe this is a # 6 and the wood is Beech and not pear.
I have a couple.
Check Opinel site.
Easy to customize.

kewldudesweet @ 12:48 pm #

@GamerzMedia yeah you could pop off the locking collar and just make it a slipjoint to make it legal in the uk, or the smaller models, under model no 6 i believe comes without a locking ring…

wwwknivestowncom @ 12:52 pm #

@GamerzMedia It is attached.

GamerzMedia @ 1:17 pm #

Would I be able to prise off the locking ring of the 6 to make it UK carry legal? Or is its attatched

twieneke76 @ 1:39 pm #

I picked one of these up and it instantly became my EDC knife. This one will definitely follow me mushroom hunting and fishing.

wwwknivestowncom @ 2:08 pm #

@tacticalassasin9 Its really apples and oranges. For a high value pocket knife, the Opinel is hard to beat. For a high value pocket tool, Victorinox rules. Rather than toss & turn all night, just get both!

tacticalassasin9 @ 2:09 pm #

What do you suggest? This knife or a Victorinox

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