Deer hunting knives #40 / cKc Hunter, the old and the new.


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Comments on Deer hunting knives #40 / cKc Hunter, the old and the new.

September 8, 2011

campmasterK @ 4:05 am #

virtuovice, please make more cooking videos. They are very entertaining.

knivesandstuff @ 4:18 am #

@Aznfootball7 I’m a machine :)

knivesandstuff @ 4:38 am #

@virtuovice Wako, I dont believe your JP Pro Hunter is S30V.. S30V doesnt rust like that.. the Blind Horse Knives website advertises that knife as D2.. I think the knife-connection made a misprint when they said S30V..

knivesandstuff @ 4:56 am #

@40DegreeShoulder I know the knife you mean, but its unlikely I’d have time to make one sorry. you can check out my new 3″ Pen Knife which will work ok for that. I’ll be doing some in Elmax later.. Also.. High RC is not really an indication of edge retention or good knife. Elmax is a tough steel and will hold an edge forever.. but it does not HT treat high RC.. 58 is what I’ll be using, 59 being the top RC it takes.

40DegreeShoulder @ 5:00 am #

@knivesandstuff proly wrong time and place, but a bird/trout knife in ELMAX with a high RC would be awesome. hmm, maybe even those old style ones. A 3 or so inch blade, 6″ overall, no scales, slim handle with the ring on the end for your pinky finger so you can let go of it and still have it back just by turning your hand. Marbles made them for a while. no scales to make, not much grinding… let me know if you having any left over chunks of that ELMAX that might fit what I’m talking about.

Aznfootball7 @ 5:31 am #

@knivesandstuff I think it’s hilarious how he calls you a factory XD
He says something likee “It comes with a very good convex right from the factory” :P

siypic @ 5:37 am #

@virtuovice Will be interested to see how the Idun performs in those conditions…… enjoy your hunting!

virtuovice @ 6:21 am #

@siypic I was just thinking next chance I would have to use it because I have not used it yet this season. It was already stropped carefully and waiting for the deployment. Thank you!

siypic @ 6:47 am #

Have never seen you use your Fällkniven Idun on any of your hunting trips…

TheEnglishRedneck45 @ 6:52 am #

@knivesandstuff Perfect – I’ll be awaiting your update video on the Trail Blazer full size. Hope you get through the others – must be dam hard work, but thoroughly rewarding to create something so useful and that is entirely your own. Cheers

virtuovice @ 7:34 am #

@NJDevilTactical I have killed 58 deer this season in 4 and half months. I still have 3 weeks remaining now. So I will get 60 and some in total. I always walk long or ride on a snowmobile. So I get deer almost always. There are so many deer. We have 600 thousand deer on this island. I always meet 10 or 20 deer every chance in mountains. They are a kind of bad animals for agriculture. So the town and provincial government pay money to promote deer hunting. We have 2 thousand deer hunters here.

knivesandstuff @ 8:01 am #

@TheEnglishRedneck45 right now I’m nearly 80 knives backlogged in my pre-planned stuff people are waiting for.. sigh.. I have a nice sheet of 4.5mm thick D2 that would make excellent trailblazers or Forresters.. but its seriously going to be 3 – 4 months away I’m guessing. possibly earlier.. I will post update videos when I’m doing some. I want to get back to doing some thinner knives more the style that suit me. Elmax CPM is the perfect steel for a leaner knife.

TheEnglishRedneck45 @ 8:43 am #

@knivesandstuff No worries, it is totally understandable. I was more wondering when/where you would be taking orders for the full size Trail Blazer – and I understand that such dates would not be set in stone, but a rough guide?

TheBladebuster @ 8:43 am #

Kyle….saw the news about the earthquake in NZ a couple of weeks ago. I hope you are far from the affected site.

knivesandstuff @ 8:47 am #

Wako, thank you for the kind comments. I personally still prefer the thinner blade for the types of knive use I generally do. Each Thick/Thin has distinct advantages that I can feel in testing. If a knife will be used often for Camp Wood/Fire/Shelter then a thick spine is very good. if a knife is generally hunting and food preperation and normal cutting I feel that 5/32″ or less is the best performance. My next line of knives will be 3.5mm ELMAX stainless CPM. I have about 30 of my ckc Belt.

TheBladebuster @ 8:53 am #

50~60+ deers per season (November to March), no limit other than 1 deer a day per hunter. Backstrap and loin goes to virtuovice and friends’ dinner table, antlers goes to the wall or desk, the rest of the deer goes to the crows or bears.

NJDevilTactical @ 9:37 am #

How many dear do you kill a year and do you eat the whole dear.??

MrZotZot @ 10:06 am #

I prefer the old version of the ckc hunter. I am a strong believer that a thinner blade is a better blade. Thinner blades cut better, get sharper, and cut more effortlessly than a thicker knife because there is less mass that causes friction while cutting.
Excellent review!

knivesandstuff @ 10:27 am #

@TheEnglishRedneck45 sorry i didnt reply with prices. i cant. i do small batches and each time the steel and everything will differ so the price is effected. i cant tell anyone the price until its ready to make because too many variables change. i’ll be making stainless knives soon.

TheEnglishRedneck45 @ 10:49 am #

@virtuovice That is good to hear – I shall look into the full size Trail Blazer more intently now, it does look like a good knife – and larger than the Bravo 1, which I feel is a little on the small size, both blade and handle. I too am sad about the Bravo – I had high hopes, but from all the videos I have seen on it, yours, Bluntruth, Doggorunning etc, noone else has had these problems, even after extremely hard use, so I can only suppose it is an issue with mine. Alas. Many thanks once again

virtuovice @ 11:45 am #

@TheEnglishRedneck45 I don’t know his actual knife line up. I happened to get his hunter knives from his YouTube video and contacting him directly by email, not from his website. Anyways his full size Trail Blazer seems to have full height convex grind and a good ergonomic handle as my Hunter knife. I have never baton with it but its edge geometry is much deeper than Bravo1. In my general experience the O1 steel is on soft side and difficult to take chipping. Sorry for your Bravo1.

virtuovice @ 12:06 pm #

@EasternGateGuardian Recently I found the S30V Alaskan Guide Vanguard knife on Cabela’s website. They say the S30V has 45% greater edge retention than 420HC. I agree with their opinion. I have some S30V folding knives and I have never experienced any edge problems after getting backstraps or a head with them. My S30V? BHK JP Pro Hunter knife rusted severely on its edge after deer dressing. But my S30V folders are pretty rust resistant. Thank you!

TheEnglishRedneck45 @ 12:28 pm #

@virtuovice Interesting – thank you for your knowledge. I hadn’t thought of the Bravo as having a weak edge geometry, but that really could be it. Their grinds are never quite the same it seems, with some having them completely off centre and others with a substantially thicker tang than blade stock – more quality control perhaps? I am interested in cKc knives – especially the full size Trail Blazer. Kyle never didn’t respond when I asked for a price chart. Any ideas?

EasternGateGuardian @ 1:05 pm #


Kon’nichiwa Sir, I would like to know, given your experience, what are your thoughts on S30V steel for hunting applications. Any good in your opinion?


virtuovice @ 2:04 pm #

@TheEnglishRedneck45 I have never used my Bravo1 for batonning actually. But I can understand what you experienced with your Bravo1. Its edge angle seems to be 20 degrees and its convex bevels are very shallow, so its edge can be weak in hard use in my guess. I am not very bright about the heat treatment. My Fallkniven F1 has much stronger edge geometry than Bravo1, although it is not as sharp as Bravo1. This cKc mini Trail Blazer (Hunter) can be better than Bravo1 in hard use. Thank you!

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