Deer hunting knives #37 / BUSSE CABS , cKc Mini Trail Blazer & BR Fox River


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Comments on Deer hunting knives #37 / BUSSE CABS , cKc Mini Trail Blazer & BR Fox River

August 18, 2011

ConfederateHammer @ 3:48 am #

@pelahale He’d have a blast!!! This guy knows his stuff I like him.

ConfederateHammer @ 4:08 am #

my mouth is watering at that backstrap steak :D
Thank You for your videos. More people need to see the knives being used. You teach a valuable lesson.

pelahale @ 4:10 am #

Your English is really fluid now. Amazingly so. You should visit the US and try hunting the enormous hybrid hogs which have had a population explosion.

fastcamo @ 5:02 am #

Nice Busse, looks good….I also find the A2 has better edge retention than infi

zlllnvkz @ 5:33 am #

310 views and 0 vegan )))

virtuovice @ 6:01 am #

@torquefactory Thank you! But A2 seems to have better edge retention in the next video. Time will be needed to say about it more.

torquefactory @ 6:37 am #

Great vid Wako! So INFI is better in edge retention than A2 !
Kind regards!

stefanwolf88 @ 6:38 am #

Fox river rulzzzz :)

virtuovice @ 6:50 am #

@MumblinBerk I have already sold out my Recurve Fox River. It’s because I got to dislike its deep edge geometry and its thin and contoured handle. The shallow edge geometry of regular Fox River can go sharper surely and easily, and its non contoured handle is more preferable. I am now thinking of the thickness of liners. The handle with liners is thicker than regular handle. The difference is not small actually. I prefer regular Fox River with regular handle without liners so far. Thank you!

MumblinBerk @ 6:51 am #

I notice you were not using the Recurve Fox River today. Do you still feel the grip profile on the recurve is preferable to the standard Fox River handle?

PS: Great video. First time I’ve seen a Busse in action. Thanks.

TheEnglishRedneck45 @ 6:59 am #

@virtuovice Thank you for your knowledge – I think I shall stave off getting a Fox River until I have more hunting uses for it. Arigato

40DegreeShoulder @ 7:21 am #

Thank you for not waiting to use the Busse CABS. It was a great pleasure for me to see it’s performance as a hunting knife.

I have used mine as a general utility knife. The handle shape is definitely designed for the “hammer grip”, but I have never had a problem finding a comfortable way to perform all cuts.

Once again, thank you for not making it the “safe queen” that so many other Busse knives become.

virtuovice @ 7:47 am #

@TheEnglishRedneck45 Fox River and Bravo1 are very different on their edge geometry. It is easily detectable between my thumb and first finger. The handles are also very different. Fox River has a thin handle with short scales which seems no good for strong holding in batonning. Thank you!

TheEnglishRedneck45 @ 8:34 am #

The Fox River seems to be the one you fall back on in most of your videos – it looks to be a very efficient skinning knife, and good for those backstraps. Is the high convex grind unsuitable to harder use, such as batonning, in comparison to the Bravo 1?

MrKman300 @ 8:56 am #

Great video! I’m always happy to see a notification that you posted a new video.

One small thing, it’s pronounced Bus-ee (like fussy).

Take care.

MrKman300 @ 9:52 am #

Thank you for the wonderful video. I very much enjoy seeing them. Those crows sure know where to be to get a free meal. I have never seen that many in one spot.

This is a small thing but Busse is pronounced Bus-ee (like fussy).

captainpegs07 @ 10:20 am #

Excellent review.

stripymccatpuss @ 11:19 am #

Busse is very cool…. I like the CKC more ( Price is good ! )

weldermic @ 12:18 pm #

well ,,, just love the crows singing in the background … waiting for dinner.
Once again GREAT JOB on the video production and reviews.
You are the Knife man !

MrZotZot @ 12:40 pm #

that many crows are kind of scary ;D

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