Buck Strider 889BK Folding Knife Review


www.customtacticals.com – Review of the budget folder Buck Strider 889BK. Made by Buck, designed by Strider.

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Comments on Buck Strider 889BK Folding Knife Review

August 7, 2011

matty0566 @ 4:38 am #

I found one of these buried in the mud out in the middle of no where after i ran it over with my truck. Cleaned it off and it’s a great knife. Is that the state of Idaho stamped on to the knife in the video?

zanuha @ 5:38 am #

Cool, now if only I could find some Strider dealers in Finland.

ethancfbz @ 5:56 am #

@zanuha They’re going to make some lefty models in the next run of knives.

zanuha @ 6:08 am #

If genuine Striders were ambidextrous, I’d get one in a heartbeat.

ethancfbz @ 6:20 am #

@zanuha Yeah, alright. Pin construction, inferior steel, etc. The only reason they could make it ambidextrous is because has steel liners on both sides. One of the reason Striders are so great is the weight. Slap a steel liner on one to allow for mounting a pocket clip on the reverse side and you’ve added a ton of weight. Not worth it, if you ask me.

zanuha @ 7:12 am #

Buck improved the damn thing, they made it ambidextrous.

Spectre426 @ 7:54 am #

It was hilarious when nutnfancy mistook an actual Strider SnG for this knife at the SHOT Show, the guy got all pissed. ^^ This knife is about 10% the price of that one.

MrHossTheBoss @ 8:41 am #

how much is this Strider?

TheOnlyCSR @ 9:37 am #

im wondering who would dislike a review…

hotbarrel49 @ 10:15 am #

if you want a knife that looks and feels like a strider i would say this would be a great knife btu if you are willing to pay 400 dollars and want the s30v blade with the strider logo the sng would be better

DJJimCowley @ 10:22 am #

Hey bro would you sell that?? id give you 100 for it…..

SpitBucket17X @ 11:21 am #


shankman2000 @ 12:00 pm #

could i buy that off of you ?

Hiluxtaco @ 12:00 pm #

Excellent review!!

ivageivage @ 12:11 pm #

the buck looks cooler lol

shitpickle1128 @ 12:54 pm #

50 bucks!!! @#%%

hotbarrel49 @ 1:47 pm #

at a old hunting store i 1 week ago i saw a buck strider in a desplay case for 89 dollars…. odd……. btw would a discontinued knife be of higger value

iRaptor59 @ 2:11 pm #

Nice review. Can’t really compare a $50 knife to a $400+ SNG. It looks cool though and I wouldn’t mind owning one.

bstjames1611 @ 2:43 pm #

yes there are switch blades that you push a button or something and the blade flips out on its own. there are assisted opening blades where you open the blade a bit and a spring takes over and opens it. and there are OTFs “out the front” you slide a small lever up a bit and the blade come straight out the front. different people call them different things so dont quot this word for word

codebman @ 3:09 pm #

Yes, I think so

ilizashlesingerrocks @ 3:19 pm #

can folding knives be spring loaded

mwillblade @ 3:38 pm #

Don’t know why but I don’t like the knife .I own one and have used it .

ZeroToleranceKnives @ 4:08 pm #

I’m holding my Strider SNG right now watching this review!

ZeroToleranceKnives @ 4:32 pm #

@suicidechickenshit What the fuck is your problem? Fucking idiot troll.

insomniac1122 @ 4:57 pm #

how does a buck strider compare to a sng?

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