Deer hunting knives #16 / Kellam Puukko & Toyokuni Hunter


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Comments on Deer hunting knives #16 / Kellam Puukko & Toyokuni Hunter

June 16, 2011

virtuovice @ 4:24 am #

@rushmoreman5 I don’t know much about rifles because I don’t have a rifle permit yet. 3 years ahead I will have it because we need 10 year shot gun experience before the rifle. My gun is Winchester M70. But the barrel is changed to .410 smooth bore due to Japanese gun control law. It’s accurate kill range is 150 yards. Japan has overpopulated deer and I can enjoy deer hunting with this gun enough. Thank you!

rushmoreman5 @ 5:12 am #

I’m fascinated by Japanese deer hunting. This subject is NEVER written about in American magazines which makes it sort of exotic to me. Please describe your hunting rifle. My rifle is an older American design named Winchester model 94 in 30-30. Perhaps you’ve heard of this American hunting rifle. Paul USA

pseftis21 @ 5:13 am #

@gamesbok u use japan “blue steel knives”

virtuovice @ 6:06 am #

@gamesbok I am sorry. I have many videos of this kind and they are reality. I think the hunting knives should be reviewed in the real hunting scenes. I love convex and Scandi edges very much because they are extremely sharp and tough.

gamesbok @ 6:24 am #

The title of the video is Deer Hunting Knives. Imagin my disappointment when you shot the deer.

captainpegs07 @ 7:15 am #

I grew up in Minnesota and hunted all my life and never seen a Japanese hunt. I’m very impressed! Thanks for posting this.

virtuovice @ 8:05 am #

@shuzzbutts I can get deer without any limit in a year. Just a single limit is one stag a person a day. No limit on doe. So If I hunt every day in 5 months, I can get 150 stag. But actually I go hunting 60 days and get 40 stag a year in average. Thank you!

shuzzbutts @ 8:41 am #

Great vids, was wondering how many deer a person can take in a year?

Flackfizer @ 9:24 am #

Thanks for this vid. It is a wonderful view into the hunting universe. Where was it filmed? Some of the comments suggest Japan, but the if you told me Northern Pennsylvania I would believe that as well–based on the landscape mind you, not the fauna.

virtuovice @ 9:32 am #

@Wyndstarthedruid The Toyokuni company website say they will ship worldwide in JAPANESE LANGUAGE. So only the people who read Japanese can get some from their own website. Thanks.

virtuovice @ 9:38 am #

@sae1095hc I basically don’t move once a deer watch me. The deer is color blind. Unless I move it doesn’t recognize I am a threat. If I must move under its watching, I whistle a soft feminine deer call faking I am a friendly female deer. Anyways Japanese deers are not very clever. Thank you!

virtuovice @ 10:02 am #

@knivesandstuff Usually I rub my knives on the fat tissue of a deer before sheathing. But generally I don’t care about the rust, because I myself can polish it off soon, so my rubbing is not thorough. The rainy weather would leave water drops on the blade surely. You will happen to see how I do it in my coming video. I am now editing them. Thank you!

virtuovice @ 10:25 am #

@AjiraKimberly You are right. The Puukko was much sharper than my stropped Toyokuni Hunter. I realized that the Japanese super blue steel was a pretty hard steel so that it must have taken much more time to sharpen than regular carbon steels.

888zzz @ 11:16 am #

The Kellam is progression tempered.

wmdrtr @ 11:16 am #

Beautiful knives. I may get a Pukko. Thanks for the info and demo.

johniac7078 @ 11:31 am #

beautiful knives.

foxtrot45 @ 12:14 pm #

Good job calling in that Elk!

AjiraKimberly @ 1:07 pm #

It looks to me that the Puukko works much better, or am i mistaken ?

secretsquirrell13 @ 1:58 pm #

i personally think the nordic knives and japanese knives are made with alittle more tlc because of the culture, i love all my swedish blades, their true outdoor knives and paired with an axe you could tear ass all through the country side with that duo…..GREAT VID! GREAT REVIEW!

lmsloan @ 2:32 pm #

Good shot and helpful review.

AtPeacePiece @ 3:23 pm #

Very attractive knives. Great review.

knivesandstuff @ 3:41 pm #

Its a good point about having a cavity around the blade in the sheath. I’ll have to think about that with Kydex. Tell me.. Are you Sheathing your blades without drying and cleaning them? or are they becoming wet because of the weather?

stefanwolf88 @ 4:30 pm #

Perferct pukko ;)

wcropp1 @ 5:20 pm #

@wcropp1 What more could you ask for?

wcropp1 @ 6:07 pm #

That Kellam Puukko is very impressive–I am seriously considering purchasing one as an upgrade to the Mora I’m currently using. I was wondering if perhaps the wooden handle would be slippery, but after hearing how great the handle is, I think that may be the knife for me. It’s very beautiful, and puukkos were made to process reindeer, so you know it will be good for hunting. It has a little more belly than a Mora due to the straight spine, which I like, and it’s full tang carbon steel blade.

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