Throwing Folding Knives


Lots of guys (and gals) ask if you can throw folders because lots of people can’t find and/or afford throwing knives. So here are my thoughts on throwing the little bastards. This knife is the Frost Cutlery Fast Eddie. If you want to see some videos of people that regularly throw folders check these guys out:

Smith & Wesson SWFR First Response Knife
Smith and Wesson SWFR Folder Seat Belt Cutter. 3.3″ Stainless Steel Drop Point Blade, with 4.7″ Stainless Steel Handle w… Click for More Info >>
Kershaw Ken Onion Tactical Blur Folding Knife with Speed Safe
For top performance and attention-getting style, it’s the Kershaw Ken Onion Blur series. Blurs feature premium 13C26 sta… Click for More Info >>
Matrix Black Stainless Steel Folding Knife
This folder is a spectacular piece of workmanship suitable for any knife enthusiast’s collection. Unique, aluminum embel… Click for More Info >>
Buck 375BRS Deuce Folding Pocket Knife
Buck Knives 375BRS Deuce is a small 3-bladed traditional folding pocket knife. It has a 2″ clip point and a 1-3/8″ cop… Click for More Info >>

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Comments on Throwing Folding Knives

May 27, 2011

TheRenaissanceReborn @ 3:51 am #

@kamaruki1 Thanks, it’s always nice to hear I’m helping.

Size is an interesting question and one that gets brought up a lot. Usually, medium to larger knives are better for beginners. I’d say the knife should be anywhere between 8in-13in total length. Fun note: after you gain an intermediate knowledge of how the average “normal” size knives turn, you can throw things anywhere down to 3in (I’ve been able to throw some nails) or up to swords (though probably a bad idea).

kamaruki1 @ 4:47 am #

ok,just watched your vid,and love the detail you give in the MATH lol
but i have a question,what size knife do you think a good throwing knife is

i have a 4 inch blade,6 inch,and a 15 inch,which do you think would work the best

TheRenaissanceReborn @ 5:28 am #

@TheNickhis Yea, it’s definitely not the best idea for people who don’t have much practice. Even with experience, I still wouldn’t try throwing folders often. It’s just a waste of cash and an unnecessary risk to add to the already dangerous hobby of throwing knives.

Though, thinking on it, I hope that MWII inspires more people to become serious throwers than it encourages badly planed imitators.

Thanks for the comment!

TheNickhis @ 5:51 am #

There’s quite a few kids at my school who tried to throw their pocket knives (obviously their naíveté was inspired by the popular Modern Warfare II). This is pretty dangerous since they aren’t experienced with throwing and they’re throwing a knife that is unbalanced and unstable for throwing and are sharper than throwing knives. But an experienced no-spin thrower such as myself would have no problem throwing them :)

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