Ka bar K2 Warthog folding knife reveiw


J doing his review of the ka bar k2 ka tac warthog folder knife. You also see a little of the plain warthog folder. They are very nice folding knives. We call them fat men knives because of the weird blade shape. I believe everyone should have atleast one nice folding EDC knife. Enjoy, subscribe, comment, and rate.

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Comments on Ka bar K2 Warthog folding knife reveiw

April 27, 2011

hurleyOC @ 4:22 am #

what do u use to sharpen it?

toxic3n3rgy @ 4:27 am #

I ordered this yesterday it should come on monday, im really excited

timteddytitan00 @ 5:09 am #

you guys arent doing it so I will FIRST

JTadventures @ 5:13 am #

No it is not true. It is G10. Thanks for commenting

JTadventures @ 5:15 am #

No it is not true. It is G10. Thanks for commenting

JTadventures @ 5:33 am #

I have tested it but have not been able to film it sorry. It is amazing and keeps a great edge.

hurleyOC @ 5:36 am #

i have this same knife but mine, where it says k2 there isnt a box around it, and some one told me that the handle is teflon is that true ?

lachlan1971 @ 6:13 am #

I have one of these, excellent knife. Only difference is that mine doesn’t have a box around the K-2 logo.

Kenshin1080 @ 6:53 am #

as soon as i saw this knife i bought it.have you tested it?

nightmarefacility @ 7:18 am #

i have this knife, it rules. i love the dozier and ka bar folders.

JTadventures @ 7:42 am #

Thanks subscribe cuz i’ve got alot more reviews coming as well as cut tests and mountain trials as soon as it stops being winter

stevelynch98 @ 8:33 am #

Good review

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