CRKT Carson M16 Folding Knife – Pure Stab and Slash


When compared with fixed blade knives, folding knives are no match in strength and durability. But folding knives allow portability which, for an EDC, is a major issue. When it comes to carrying a fighting/defensive blade, if you can’t carry it, what good is it? In this category, then, of folding tactical knives, enter the CRKT Carson-designed M16 line. They are fast. affordable, lightweight knives, with excellent designs for fighting. This model is my favorite, with its dagger-like spear point blade and small size. It deploys super fast and super tight, with absolutely no blade play. Thanks to a rigid handle and very solid lockup, I feel confident I can fight as hard as I need to with this knife. 8/10

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Comments on CRKT Carson M16 Folding Knife – Pure Stab and Slash

April 21, 2011

Taud @ 4:39 am #

oh wow did not know about the double lock i think this is on sale for like 30$ near me, i should gift this for xmas

wmc1982 @ 5:18 am #

cool, I have it in black :) Great price for a fun knife!

icychap @ 6:04 am #

@shoopdawhooplazer321 With a dagger point like this, if you sharpen all four angles (each edge has two sides) effectively it will create a sharp point. Just be sure not to “flick” your knife off the edge of your stone/rod at the end of each stroke or you will actually dull the tip.

shoopdawhooplazer321 @ 6:51 am #

How do you resharpen a stabbing point of a knife?

Pierre8907 @ 7:04 am #

i just bought the titanium version of this knife. Great knife, great design. I love it.

aztlan41 @ 8:01 am #

ya i just got an m16-14dsfg and i love it, but a smaller self defense knife such as urs here is probly what i would rather carry. and ya the thumbstud i though was also useless untill i really started getting used to the knife and i think the purpose of it, or the way i use it is when i close the knife i hold down the lock push the liner lockand i pull down the blade with my thumb on the finger gaurd as far as i can and then use the thumb stud to close it completely with one hand.

divinefart @ 8:41 am #

i replaced my kershaw “ken onion” with this exact knife, mainly because its half the price, very happy with it , great video , thanks,

CheyTac2 @ 8:41 am #

I want one sooooo bad.

icychap @ 9:24 am #


gonfley @ 9:51 am #

nice review ,nice knife =5* for you :)

icychap @ 10:34 am #

I fear it will only get worse. Stay vigilant, my friend – and vote! Elections have consequences.

jeepnicc @ 11:07 am #

Cool knife man. Great review. I’m totally with you on hoping someone will bolt when they see resistance. However, my resistance comes in the form of a .45 caliber tunnel pointed at them. My knives are for utility first, last ditch defense. I can see your point (no pun intended,) for individuals who are stuck in an anti-second amendment part of the country. My heart goes out to you all.

WilliamCutting08 @ 11:19 am #

Yeah, I’m an Aztec warrior so that usually deters any attackers! I just strip down to my butt flap and start yelling very loudly and that usually works! LOL JK, whats really weird is that for most of my life people who first meet me think I am asian or japanese! People in high school would say dont mess with Lee because he know kung fu! LOL Im talking too much, take care!

icychap @ 11:27 am #

Thanks! I feel very strongly that one should seek to defend without lethal force. But I also believe you shouldn’t bluff. If you represent violence as a deterrent, be ready to back it up.

WilliamCutting08 @ 11:39 am #

I agree, when it comes to having a blade that is visible (uncoated) when placed in a defensive situation, hopefully will deter the attacker! Great review and awesome philosophy!

PittRules55 @ 11:48 am #

good video!

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