Which is better for hunting knives made from carbon steel or stainless steel?

Which is better for hunting knives made from carbon steel or stainless steel?

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Home Page > Sports and Fitness > Outdoor Sports > Which is better for hunting knives made from carbon steel or stainless steel?

Which is better for hunting knives made from carbon steel or stainless steel?

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Posted: Aug 10, 2010 |Comments: 0


currently there are a variety of brand name knives for hunting and a lot of different models with a striking design. Many people want to know which is more good for hunting knives made from carbon steel or stainless steel?

in broad outline, knives made of sharp carbon steel is more durable than stainless steel. However, weaknesses knives made from carbon steel that is if the blade is made of carbon steel sharp decreases or disappears, it will be difficult to sharpen back. A hunter is like a knife made of carbon steel is easy because the couple used for skinning large animals results quarry. When you first have to sharpen after getting hunted animals, it requires a long time and will cause the animal results prey to rot. It would be boring and frustrating. In addition, the weakness of knives made from carbon steel that will rust easily due
carbon content very much. Other causes for the water vapor originating from the blood, rainwater, or water used to clean the knife. Which to note here, keep the knife to keep it dry and avoid the humid air. Too long sheath knife find in stores will also cause knife easily rust.

Knives made of stainless steel is more expensive than knives made of carbon steel. Indeed knives made of stainless steel more famous for its durability, strength plus the lack of change colour. But, you need to remember that stainless steel would be a kind of mixture of iron and als0 plus carbon “stainless” does not necessarily mean rust proof, it would only end up being collateral to be tolerant of rust.

The reason that the spots rust sometimes appear on stainless steel tool is a chromium oxide film that protects the blade surface due to corrosion or wear harmed. On the other hand, when consideration was taken in laundry plus storage blade can be expected to have a set of age is prolonged. The best method
to care for your stainless steel knife for any time or salty foods acid rinse immediately and then clean as usual in the dishwasher or by hand. Be careful not to spill into the dishwasher detergent directly to your knife as this can cause darkening of your knife.

This is a good idea to keep a light coat of non-detergent oil is based on high-carbon hunting knife you if it is not being used. I especially recommend the 3-in-1 oil, as seems to be effective in preventing rust, but gentle enough not to corrode the blade with any way. Many buyers want to use the knife when it comes to gun oil lubricant to their favorite hunting knife. It is good practice, but I advise you to make certain that the oil does not have any type of acid or other substances in it that can corrode your blade. Stainless steel knife lubricant you hunt with oil is usually not necessary, but a light coat of on-petroleum-based detergents should not cause any harm.

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for more information about carbon steel knives please visit our site www.games-online123.com


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for more information about carbon steel knives please visit our site www.games-online123.com

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