Fixed Blade Camping/Hunting Knives


Today we’re taking a look at some of my fixed blade knives. Featuring two custom knives and sheaths made by my father; the SOG Gov-Tac, a mass production knife; and the Busse Boss Street, a modern custom knife.

Buck 277 Folding Alpha Hunter, Rosewood Handle, Liner Lock Folding Knife with Leather Sheath
Buck Knives 277 Folding Alpha Hunter TM is the evolution of Buck’s venerable 110 Folding Hunter, one of the most copied … Click for More Info >>
Buck 0119BKS-B Special Fixed Blade Knife
Buck Knives 119 Special is Buck Knives most popular fixed blade sheath knife. The Special features a 6″ clip point 420HC… Click for More Info >>
Mtech Covert Black Hawk Hunting Knife
The Covert Black Hawk will stealthly take out any opposition that dares to face you. This knife is ready to attack any v… Click for More Info >>
Buck 112 Ranger, Lockback Folding Knife
Buck Knives 112 Ranger is a smaller version of Buck’s Venerable 110 Folding Hunter. It is also a lockback design, featur… Click for More Info >>

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Comments on Fixed Blade Camping/Hunting Knives

March 10, 2011

grappolidipalma @ 4:35 am #

I am using my Boss Street for 5 months now and it worth all the money. It is semicustom knife but probably the most stronger in the world; INFI make the different.
Easy to sharp (just strop on leahter or at last ceramic), noway to chip the edge, don’ t care about rust, timeless handle… I did my self a kidex and leahter sheats (i like the kidex more but it make noise when pull out-in). The thick is OK, if you like tiny buy some “scandy knife”.

BUSSE is: “something you can trust-last longer”

1013637 @ 4:46 am #

INFI is unbelievable… just wait until you use it- I had that same knife. Here is a little story- me and my dad and my brother were travelling thru Arizona on our way to Sonoita, and our Stainless Steel trailer (1/8″) had a light screwed into it (turn signals). The light messed up, and we had to cut it out, because it is illegal to drive with the messed up light. Long story short I cut a giant hole into the STEEL trailer, and recieved no damage to the INFI. Way to go!

jankerson1 @ 4:56 am #

Nice knives. :)

643jaybee @ 5:19 am #

Mate,your pop’s made some nice blades there..thanks for showing them

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