Deer hunting knives summary ( #1 ~ #4 )


Gunny is the best so far. And Scandi knives need a micro convex edge.

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Comments on Deer hunting knives summary ( #1 ~ #4 )

January 20, 2011

virtuovice @ 4:26 am #

@888zzz This season I have not yet used the cKc Hunter. But I guess it is better than Fallknivens and worse than Gunny. I will compare them each other when I have a chance. Thanks.

virtuovice @ 4:37 am #

@snaponjohn100 Thank you very much! I put a micro convex edge on a Scandi zero grind edge using the rough black, the fine green, and the super fine white compound loaded leather strops.

888zzz @ 4:57 am #

In one of your videos where you are field dressing a deer and comparing different knives you said that the CKC Hunter did best. How does the CKC Hunter rank with the knives in this video?

travelightribe @ 5:05 am #

Thanks for the good overview. I appreciate the independent view of a practitioner. I seems to be a very nice hunt where you go. Field dressing is quiet different from how we do it over here. My choice would be FK TK2 but we will test this “Gunny”. Keep hunting.

iAmTheSurvivalist @ 5:20 am #

thank you for another awesome review. I like how u looked at them with a microscope. On the knife that you modified to scandi grind it might have softened the steel some if the blade got too hot. Just keep a container of water close by while grinding that is deep enough to cover the entire blade. You can dip the blade in it to cool it off. If it is too hot to touch then it is gettin too hot i dont let it get much more over 120 F aproximatly. Thanx again for the comparison and insight bro

DrunknShooter @ 5:51 am #

The best series of hunting knife test videos I’ve seen on Youtube. Very big thumbs up!

snaponjohn100 @ 6:25 am #

I like to see your face while you are talking instead of just seeing your hands. Good job. 5 stars.

snaponjohn100 @ 7:16 am #

Fantastic video. Very clear. Thank you for all of your hard work.
How do you put a micro convex edge on a scandi edge?

virtuovice @ 7:47 am #

@SteelUser23 Thank you! I recently changed my computer to a brand new Mac Mini. With which the new iMovie’09 came. It is very different from the previous version. It is much more useful, speedy, and high quality.

virtuovice @ 8:13 am #

@knivesandstuff Yes, I prefer well controllable knives from 3.5 to 4 inch blade length. Thank you!

virtuovice @ 8:18 am #

@kuchmanone I have never weighed it actually but I also think Japanese Ezo-Shika deer is bigger than American whitetail deer. I have ever watched the whitetail deer on YouTube many times. Thank you!

virtuovice @ 9:13 am #

@utuubee I have never done it, but I don’t think it’s a good idea. Sorry.

hrgsstfn @ 9:35 am #

A great video again! I do appreciate and like very much all your work.
keep on Deer Hunter!

virtuovice @ 10:00 am #

@Blakobness It had almost full height convex bevels and an extremely sharp convex edge out of the box. No secondary edge at all. Thanks.

virtuovice @ 10:25 am #

@AtPeacePiece No, I don’t. I stropped my Scandi edges with from the black to the white compound very thoroughly for the next hunt. I think they have decent micro convex edges now. Thanks!

virtuovice @ 11:16 am #

@lynette1953 No, I am not. I work at a rural hospital as a weekend doctor, because I need free time on weekdays to hunt deers.

KURGAN44 @ 11:28 am #

Great video! Like the new format a lot. I agree too that a micro-bevel on the scandi-grinds are the way to go. The edge sharpness lasts much longer than without and only takes a short few passes to do.

EDINBURGSTAR @ 12:18 pm #

Great videos have enjoyed this series alot. Thanks and greetings from Texas.

Wyndstarthedruid @ 12:25 pm #

@knivesandstuff sounds like it should be a perfect fit, i dont ever see the need for a 1/4 blade on a 3 inch knife, unless its a chopper. thats the only application for such a thick stock. thanks for the input. watchin your vid in a few.

knivesandstuff @ 1:03 pm #

@Wyndstarthedruid my palm is 4″, but 3 3/4″ across the inside knuckle. if you watch my gunny video where I just show the thing in hand you might get a good perspective compared with Wakos hand.. But the Gunny blade is leaner and a better slicer than the bravo.

Wyndstarthedruid @ 1:25 pm #

@knivesandstuff hmm idk. i have a pretty wide palm. 3 3/4 inches wide, comparison?

knivesandstuff @ 1:53 pm #

@Wyndstarthedruid The Bravo seems to fit well in most peoples hands. its a well designed handle. from what you say they gunny will also work well.. for me it was just the length of the gunny handle more than anything.

Wyndstarthedruid @ 2:26 pm #

@knivesandstuff i know youve probably got a bigger hand than me just from your videos, im around 5`6, the rtak ii or any of the ranger knife RD handles are 2 big for my hands. i have about quarter inch of space inbetween the tips of my fingers and my palms, thanks for the comment, i wonder if the bravo one would fit my hand well. probably. its way smaller than the rtak or rd handles.

SteelUser23 @ 3:05 pm #

Excellent exercise and conclusions! Your practical approach is extremely educational. BTW, nice format change for this video!

knivesandstuff @ 3:13 pm #

@Wyndstarthedruid The gunny is a nice knife, but I reccomend you check your hand size first. while the Bravo 1 fit my big hand like a glove, the Gunny handles contours were counter productive in my big hand because they were all in the wrong places. It was not uncomfortable to hold, but just didnt feel the best. The Gunny looked perfect in Wako’s hand..

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