Deer hunting knives #6 / Bravo1, BJ125, and a Japanese hunting knife


Elk Ridge Hunting Knife
Perfect for the casual hunter or experienced woodsman! This Elk Ridge Knife measures 12-3/8″ overall and is made of a du… Click for More Info >>
Ka-Bar 2-1245-1 Black Tanto Knife
The Tanto blade shape, of Asian influence, has a thick pointed blade that’s good for penetration. Coupled with a glass-… Click for More Info >>
Maxam® Hunting Knife
This knife with simulated wood grain handle and finger holes measures 13-1/2″ overall, and features a 420 surgical stain… Click for More Info >>
Buck 276 Folding Alpha Hunter, Rosewood Handles with Gut Hook, Liner Lock Folding Knife
Buck Knives 276 Folding Alpha Hunter TM is the evolution of Buck’s venerable 110 Folding Hunter, one of the most copied … Click for More Info >>

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Comments on Deer hunting knives #6 / Bravo1, BJ125, and a Japanese hunting knife

December 2, 2010

virtuovice @ 4:24 am #

@sebenzalover It’s a difficult question for me. They are similar and different. BJ125 is a heavy knife. Custom skinner is a light knife. BJ125 has very shallow edge angle. Custom skinner has fairly deep edge angle. In actual practice Custom skinner skins wider area effectively and comfortably in a single stroke. Ant it cuts the back straps off the bone at a higher speed from its a bit shallower belly and a bit longer reach. Its long handle is preferable. The custom skinner is better for me.

sebenzalover @ 4:29 am #

What do you like better? The black jacl 125 or barkriver custom skinner?

Tanrichguy @ 4:33 am #

@virtuovice well, I appreciate you making these videos-I enjoy learning about your hunting techniques. I know that hunters here carry pistols chambered in 10mm or .44 magnum in case of bear encounters. I know that you are not able to own handguns which is unfortunate. Enjoy the rest of the season-be safe.

virtuovice @ 4:43 am #

@torquefactory Thank you! I am uploading the summary from #5 to #8 now. I hope it will be useful.

virtuovice @ 5:36 am #

@Tanrichguy Any of my hunting friends are not interested in YouTube at all. I am curious about it. Anyways I have ever met a brown bear twice. First I was fly fishing, and it went away. Second I was driving a car, and it went away, too. If I meet a bear in hunting, I will surely give it bullets. I have heard the skin of bears is very thick for weak bullets though. Thanks.

torquefactory @ 5:40 am #

Wako is the best hunting knife tester in the world! I expect soon the knives summary #5 to # ……! ご親切にありがとうございます

Tanrichguy @ 5:58 am #

Hello again from New York. Does your hunting companion have a YouTube name? You should introduce him in a video.
That bear track in the mud was huge! Have you ever encountered the bears on your hunting expeditions?

virtuovice @ 6:10 am #

@traderjoes Yes, I will show you how we eat them some day soon. Thanks!

traderjoes @ 6:15 am #

Wako, what do you do with the back straps? Can you show us? Thanks!

virtuovice @ 6:35 am #

@Wyndstarthedruid I have 2 pieces of cKc Hunter ( modified Belt Knife ). I already know its superiority, so at the beginning of the season when I can get deers easily I didn’t use the cKc. I still have some more knives which have priority to be tested in the field. The cKc will appear soon. Thanks!

Wyndstarthedruid @ 6:42 am #

what ever happened to the CKC knives, i i would really like to see a comparison between the CKC hunter and the bravo 1, i think the CKC would do better. what do you think?

stefanwolf88 @ 7:40 am #

I used to try Black jack 1-7 on wild hog – just to try – to big… 125 is something diferent ;)

TheM115e @ 7:46 am #

Thank you great video.

sae1095hc @ 8:20 am #

Wako-san ichi ban knife tester on YouTube!

stripymccatpuss @ 9:17 am #

We in Scotland rarely dress the deer in the field…

We drag it back and do the work at home

Good vid mate !

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