My Knife Collection – part 2 – Folding knives


My Knife Collection – part 2 – Folding knives

Tool Logic SLP2 Tactical Folding 1/2 Serrated Knife With LED Flashlight, Magnesium Fire Starter and Signal Whistle, Silver
The Tool Logic SL1 offers an integrated approach to survival/rescue. It features a razor sharp blade, flashlight and eme… Click for More Info >>
Buck 277 Folding Alpha Hunter, Rosewood Handle, Liner Lock Folding Knife with Leather Sheath
Buck Knives 277 Folding Alpha Hunter TM is the evolution of Buck’s venerable 110 Folding Hunter, one of the most copied … Click for More Info >>
SOG Specialty Knives & Tools TF-7 Trident Tanto, Black TiNi
SOG Trident Tanto Folder Knife. Deploys in a blink of an eye! TheTrident uses SOG’s well-proven means of delivering a kn… Click for More Info >>
Buck 389 Canoe 2 Bladed Traditional Folding Pocket Knife (Wood)
Buck Knives 389 Canoe is a classic, convenient and multi-purpose pocket knife. A dual purpose knife with a spear blade, … Click for More Info >>

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Comments on My Knife Collection – part 2 – Folding knives

November 22, 2010

EDOGVT @ 3:50 am #

@nos0323 The’re called fantasy knives ….. Ethan

x69Lopes69x @ 4:20 am #

they are all so beautyfull

Cardguy90 @ 5:16 am #

whats that kershaw clone called?

withpeas44please @ 6:11 am #

cool “ancient ” pen knife

pielovamac007 @ 6:43 am #

yo bro love the weapons man can you tell me were to get some cause i have a good collection

bleehunttrap @ 7:34 am #

where can i get the one at 4 ;13

joestar10 @ 7:57 am #

you wouldnt wanna rob this guy

nos0323 @ 8:23 am #

wats both the first and last double bladed knives called?

Palamneus @ 8:55 am #

lol “crappy ol’ garden knife”

WeaponCollector @ 9:53 am #

Yeah wouldn’t suprise me, it looks very cheap.

Gorbyclrap @ 10:30 am #

that knife is at Walmart for $1 0:15

WeaponCollector @ 11:00 am #

go to my website next friday and the links section will have all the sites where i buy knives.
its not ready yet, but i’ll finish the links section on friday.

electrode135 @ 11:59 am #

hey mate u have some AWSOME knives cud u possibly make a vid of where u got em from ?? so i know where to go cus am stating to colect knives my self and i just need some info on where the best places are to go ..??? well thanks if you do.

6deep6cuts6 @ 12:49 pm #

lol, you do that handy little wrist flick when you open your knives. i always use my thumbs.
you have some nice straight razors, ive always wanted some myself.

TheCjsoccerkid @ 1:31 pm #

my grandfather has the one on 0:12

patakajet7 @ 1:53 pm #

what is the knive at 4:40 i couldnt understand what u said i have the same 1 my grandpa might of had it i found it in my basement so idk i have 3 of them in small median n a little bigger the median

lazymurderer @ 2:34 pm #

i’m gonna try to send u a vid of my knife collection

crazyfish6 @ 2:36 pm #

can i have the first double blade you showed rad!!! dude rad!!!

bowniehunter @ 3:01 pm #

you have the best knife vids on you tube

Schnmnn @ 3:23 pm #

Nice set of folding knifes… Most of them cheapos and imitations, but also some good stuff there… (I missed a few automatics)

surfertom123 @ 4:06 pm #

hey were did u get the butterfly knife good vid

WeaponCollector @ 4:48 pm #

Hi Paul, yeah they are great knives, thanks mate,


WeaponCollector @ 5:24 pm #

Thanks allknowing88

WeaponCollector @ 6:13 pm #

Thanks Tim, yeah i thought i would include every knife i have,lol, your right though, i’ve never seen them in a review vid before either.
Glad you like the vids mate.


countryboycutlery @ 6:33 pm #

Hey man great pc ….I liked the fact that u had that orange handled pruning knife!!!!! First review ive seen with a pruning knife included I have some in my store they are schrade…..Bravo!


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