Outlawing Banning Pocket Knives


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Comments on Outlawing Banning Pocket Knives

October 7, 2010

PatriotsRepublic @ 3:53 am #

@johnnyboy922 well then… I guess that addiction speaks for itself.

johnnyboy922 @ 4:36 am #

@PatriotsRepublic its mostly meth. ps stop gelling your hair hollywood

PatriotsRepublic @ 4:49 am #

@johnnyboy922 Wow, you need to cut down on the caffeine boy… its got you all jacked up.

johnnyboy922 @ 5:23 am #

@PatriotsRepublic DONT TREAD ON ME MOTHER FUCKER. i will use the “g” word any way i want. WELCOME TO AMERICA. dont even try to imply i cant say what i want

PatriotsRepublic @ 5:27 am #

@johnnyboy922 I have no response to that… Nutnfancy rocks… that’s for sure… but I don’t usually throw around the “G” word that freely.

johnnyboy922 @ 5:43 am #

@PatriotsRepublic NUTNFANCY=GOD

pumkinhead101 @ 6:38 am #

i think the banning is BS!

abnerrose @ 7:33 am #

I agree obama and the rest of his party needs kicked out. I’ve carried a folding pocket knife back when I was in middle school. Which was fine then cause we used fists to fight not weapons. I think if we had something to sign to kick obama out I’d sign

peterann1 @ 7:59 am #

They won’t be banned….you just will not be able to carry one.

peterann1 @ 8:44 am #

This all started with organised crime, stilettos and 1934 NFA. Added were ‘gravity knives.’ ‘Assisted knives’ are now on the list but those with ‘resistance’ are OK. IF you have a need for a knife, make it a tool like Leatherman ST300 with accesories like bits and a flashlight. Don’t carry a folding utility blade cutter/box cutter as police consider these weapons. A four-way screwdriver is a good tool and has other uses in an emergency.

peterann1 @ 8:57 am #

OSHA!!!!! If you didn’t have wood you couldn’t cut off a finger! I gave up ordinary hand saws ‘push to cut’ for double-cut Japanese blades. So easy to hurt yourself just on the starting cut.

footballplr51 @ 9:35 am #

The government will never ban pocket knives… I hate this dumb ass socialist government obama has now… They need to fire everyone in washington and get new people in office that know what they are doing….

Digitalmanne @ 10:25 am #

Whats next? The government bans wood so we cant get a splinter??

alvinfry @ 11:12 am #

Keep in mind the CBP are the same folks who have been “securing” our borders for the last hundred years…. 50 billion illegal aliens later…. so don’t worry too much about them grabbing your knife. And if they do grab it, make sure they grab it blade first.

PatriotsRepublic @ 11:44 am #

Yeah, I’m just saying that the damage might be irreversable by this point… we’ll need to fire every congressman and woman and get rid of Obama and begin to dismantle the huge bureaucracy that is in place to start rolling back some of the rediculous regulations that are out there… of course, that will probably not happen unless we can convince more than 50% of the people in the US we need to restore our Republic… and that won’t likely happen any time soon.

IntoOutdoorsdotcom @ 12:41 pm #

I got this out as soon as possible. Outdoor Life has restrictions for when I can post these videos on my youtube channel. late maybe but I did alert people on outdoor life magazine as fast as I could.

whitetailhunter1895 @ 12:48 pm #

that is a load o fhorse shit tryin ban knive like at who dos they think they are

PatriotsRepublic @ 12:57 pm #

You’re just about two months late on this story. Nutnfancy broke this news on June 14, 2009. At the time, me and others wrote our representatives in Congress and in the CBP. But keep this alive and fight this illegal government.

hogdude1234 @ 1:51 pm #

I agree with DNA…



bigrig4321 @ 2:39 pm #

i thought the goverment was tring to make jobs and get us out of a ression but no there just making things bader

mxf7010g8k @ 3:37 pm #

ok maybe this is a little dumb but i have a speech in speech class i need to do about something i like. but i cant even do it on hunting,guns, or shooting. i could undestand in school but still makes me a little mad

WeaponsEnthusiast @ 3:42 pm #

The Government is slowly getting more stupid, apprehensive, and useless. Freaking people in office don’t know anything about real Americans so when something is scary like “assault” rifles, they cry to make it illegal.

dnahoghunter @ 4:42 pm #

Theres no reasoning!!! With pratice you can open any knife fast!!!

Aranhia @ 5:09 pm #

A folding knife is normal and really helpful day to day. Anyone who grew up working with their hands probably carries a pocket knife. “switchblade” knives by the old definition aren’t too good for getting things done but are great for stabbing and intimidating people. I’d like to see the wording of the new definition.

FabioCrow07770 @ 5:27 pm #

I Wouldn’t mind carrying a fixed blade….Oh and Tex is a mean bastard lol =P

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