Why not carry big folding knives?


This is just a show and tell of my mega folders. With extra reach, intimidation, and damage possibilities, why not carry a big folder? If it’s legal for you that is. I know I ask the question “Why not”? over and over again in this video, but that’s simply because so many people have asked me “why do it”? without any logical explanations of why one shouldn’t.

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Comments on Why not carry big folding knives?

October 11, 2010

GunOwnerDan @ 4:33 am #

I carry big knives because how else would I ever be able to say this:

“You call that a knife? That’s not a knife, THIS is a knife!”

GunOwnerDan @ 5:24 am #

I carry giant knives for one reason and one reason only:


gonfley @ 6:08 am #

Oh ya me one! ……or two the rajah and sog pentagon look nice :3

MumblinBerk @ 6:47 am #

For a long time I’ve ignored these larger folders, until just recently. ColdSteel, with their build quality, makes viable tools out what would otherwise be just another Internet novelty. Build quality on these is just great, and the Aus-8 steel performs well and keeps costs reasonable. $60 or so for a 6-inch Ti-Lite, and $90’s for the Raj-2. XLNT.

You snatched up a Rajah-1 for $100 bucks? DUDE…. They are GONE from the face of the planet. You could probably sell it for $300 right now.

MrMAX4400 @ 7:41 am #

I appreciate your point of view. Thanks

DJJimCowley @ 7:50 am #

Hmmm in Ireland if its over 2 and a half inches or locks its illegal to carry…. unless you have good reason.
I still carry one though(Tenasious) but im thinking of getting the “Rajah” or “tai”

SPOOKYSHOGUN @ 8:33 am #

@box33 The large Espada isn’t uncomfortable to carry in one sense because it won’t jab you or limit your mobility, but on the other hand, it’s heavy enough that you will know it’s there. As for the second knife in the video, that’s a SOG Pentagon Elite II. It isn’t better quality, it’s the same I’d say, only a different approach. It has an absolutely smooth opening, it carries well, weighs less, and is less expensive. I honestly would have to go with the SOG if we’re talking EDC though.

box33 @ 8:46 am #

Great video! 2 questions…I would like to use the espada large as an EDC, how do you perceive that in terms of carrying comfort and unobtrusiveness? Second, what is the make/model of the second blade you are showing (you mention a shark tooth design if that helps) and is it better quality than the espada for EDC? Thanks

BIILYBOB999 @ 8:58 am #

@SPOOKYSHOGUN yeah i looked there… had shit for handles, nothing to stop my hands from slipping… but i got one thats awesome from a military surplus store, $20

SPOOKYSHOGUN @ 9:56 am #

@BIILYBOB999 That’s not the first place I would buy one from but yeah, they do carry some that would work. Check out the online vendors for great selections and prices.

SPOOKYSHOGUN @ 10:22 am #

@lexousa Cool ;) I considered one of those myself, but I’d have to wear it “in waist band” and I hate carrying folders that way. If only I was a little taller. Cool knife though. Definitely the king of mega folders :)

lexousa @ 11:18 am #

i just got espada xl and if you are in big knifes like me that is all you need for rest of your life!!! you can take down bear with it :) ))

SPOOKYSHOGUN @ 12:02 pm #

Thanks :) The Italian stiletto never seems to go out of style.

SPOOKYSHOGUN @ 12:28 pm #

Thank you :) Even though the CS stuff is frowned upon by many, they sure make some big, wild folders at affordable prices. I’ve been building this collection for some time but it really hasn’t cost me that much for what I get out of it.

MarcoMD1 @ 12:44 pm #

Amazing collection man

BIILYBOB999 @ 1:09 pm #

does walmart sell folding knives? i need one for personal defense…

mtsEnrique @ 1:33 pm #

yep. love my rajah 1. fits great in the pocket. As long as your not wearing t.a.p.s youll be fine for carry. great product.

karateslaginnek @ 2:04 pm #

that ti lite 6 was a beauty!

SPOOKYSHOGUN @ 2:58 pm #

@marinsmostwanted The Rajahs’ aren’t bad for daily carry in most trousers. They are somewhat heavy but the dimensions aren’t too awkward or uncomfortable at all. The Rajah I was on clearence from the CS home site recently, hence the sweet $100 price ;)

marinsmostwanted @ 3:14 pm #

Hey great comparison here. I just bought my first mega folder (the Pentagon Eelite II) but was also thinking about a Rajah 1 or 2. In your experience how do your Rajah’s work for an EDC knife. Is it just too massive or can you generally fit it in your pockets?

Also, where did you find a Rajah 1 for $100? That is an amazing deal!


mrboredguy2 @ 3:53 pm #

I REALLY wan to get an espada XL!!! It is so beautiful and just awesome! And i agree 100% with the why not thing.

Great Collection

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