Gerber 30-000118 F.A.S.T. Technology Serrated Edge Clip Folding Knife


  • F.A.S.T. forward action spring technology
  • G-10 handle for extra grip when wet
  • Tanto shaped blade is designed for thrusting
  • Pocket clip, blade length 3.75-Inch, serrated edge
  • Over all length 8.75-Inch

Product Description
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Gerber 30-000118 F.A.S.T. Technology Serrated Edge Clip Folding Knife

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Comments on Gerber 30-000118 F.A.S.T. Technology Serrated Edge Clip Folding Knife

September 17, 2010

Timothy C. Denomme @ 5:53 am #


For those of you that are LH as I am, this knife is just a little hard to open.

The blade lock is designed for RH users.

Also, if you buy it, don’t be dicouraged as the auto open mechanism will break

in and become smoother after about a hundred openings (deployments)

so just pracice with it and keep it oiled.
Rating: 4 / 5

Curtis Wall @ 7:09 am #

Gerber’s done it again with a really great knife!! It’s a little large for Everyday carry It’s the same size as my motorola droid closed. But for those who prefer a bigger EDC knife like myself you’ll get used to it in no time. The Grip is absolutley the best grip i’ve ever had on a knife and i’ve had my fair share in the past. The ONLY downside to this knife is that the saftey “switch” when it’s closed is a little on the loose side for my liking but i haven’t really had any major issues with it. The look and overall feel are just great and i’d highly reccomend this knife!!
Rating: 4 / 5

Douglas Pierson @ 8:10 am #

This knife is decent but I am not sure how long it will last. The serrations/blade were sharp out of the box but were cut very sloppy (at the factory). The safety is a nice feature but pretty poor quality. If I don’t push it down hard to lock it, the button loosely moves back and forth. This doesn’t break the deal or make it worth returning but the knife could be tougher in general. This knife is not for bush craft because it has serrations and has a Tanto tip, it’s designed for “thrusting”. In other words stabbing someone or something. Don’t buy for a utility knife it won’t do what you want it to.

Overall decent knife.
Rating: 4 / 5

Gregory C. Snyder @ 8:28 am #

This is truly an amazing knife. I own many knives from various manufacturers; Cold Steel, SOG, Buck, and of course Gerber. My only complaint is it is a little heavy for wearing clipped in my pocket while wearing lightweight shorts. Other than that, this knife is quite possibly the “perfect” combat knife. Smooth, fast action, strong blade and lock-up, and an awesome grip. The pocket clip was a little tight so I had to loosen it slightly otherwise it was too hard to clip on and too slow to draw.I would highly recommend this knife to anyone looking for a strong, sharp, fast-drawing knife for daily wear.
Rating: 5 / 5

res @ 8:45 am #

good performer a little lite on the lock system.

the more practice opening the better it performs.
Rating: 5 / 5

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