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Comments on Cold Steel Scimitar : High Quality Folding Knives

August 12, 2010

NoisemakerArrow @ 4:17 am #

@tommie314101 Those who care about laws always become the subjects of those who do not.

froliciouspanda @ 5:01 am #

i can grow my fingers back, so can i stab car hoods?

00sven00sven00 @ 5:09 am #

@85ccmaster hahaha, like elephant mang!

AAGuitar123 @ 5:52 am #

…i would think this would be more useful for people looking to commit robbery as opposed to those wanting to defend themselves

narooko @ 6:00 am #

Would you recommend this over the spartan for personal defense?

recurveninja @ 6:18 am #

scimitar’ are top quality slashing blades.

Conviction666 @ 7:02 am #

What 25 years of ‘Knife Training’ gets you:
-Ability to poke a hole through a thin sheet of metal.
-Incredible cutting ability on soft materials such as rope.
-Incorrect Pull-up form.
-Ability to impressively cut and stab raw meat with incorrect form.
-One ugly ass knife.

Spyderco > All.

str8out @ 7:14 am #

So in 25 years you’ve never lost? How does this kind of fight work? The survivor wins? Is that like street fighting where people say “yeah! fight fight fight!”? Or is a sports people practice saturday night outside a nightclub?

NaxTactical @ 7:36 am #

@RoyalAlba1 Indeed, you are so right… I should have explained myself abit more! Cool knife, the Spartan btw. Nax

RoyalAlba1 @ 8:23 am #

@NaxTactical are you saying that you cant buy a Cold Steel scimitar ? or a Cold Steel Spartan ??? in belguim you are allowed to buy knives like the CS spartan and scimitar but you cant Carry them EVERYWHERE and if you carry it at night in a club or at the pub that is not always so goood if you run against a cop you have to JUSTIFY why are you carry that knife etc.

cuihao @ 8:43 am #

wouldn’t a gun be more effective

nightmarefacility @ 9:26 am #

“most effective tactical folder available” you say? hmmmm

JosephNowhere @ 9:50 am #

@HumanSockPuppet Ahh, well I only wish I could have been their.

HumanSockPuppet @ 10:04 am #

@JosephNowhere I went to the Cold Steel Parking Lot sale this past weekend and asked Lynn Thompson himself this very question. He said that the titanium leaf spring lock in this knife was very expensive to produce, and the Scimitar wasn’t selling well enough to justify keeping it in production.

At the lot sale, they had the last of the Scimitars out for sale at about $40 each. I bought a few of them.

JosephNowhere @ 10:57 am #

Why exactly was this stopped? I liked it.

urkingod @ 11:40 am #

OK fat boys ~!! LOL

Shaybinator @ 12:15 pm #

These people are fucking insane.

NaxTactical @ 12:45 pm #

@tommie314101 I don’t think it is, weapon laws in Holland and Belgium are very familiar, and in Belgium all knives with an automatic lock are illegal.

So every lock that is activated when you deploy your knife is prohibited…

if you want a locking knife to carry, try to buy a knife where you have to deploy the lock yourself !

NaxTactical @ 1:15 pm #

Cold steel has to shoot that thing with a .45 !

Jimbofant123 @ 2:13 pm #

I own this blade and it is every bit as good as described. In my Opinion (no expert) its the best tactical folder out there.

arhvash @ 2:28 pm #

Yeah, a sad face lol

DonMeaker @ 3:03 pm #

For a fighting knife, it seems a bit short. The important bits of a man are normally located in the back. You need at least 6 inches for a thin man to reach that far, if you go in up to the hilt.

Arab knife fighting is different, and depends on deception and treachery, enough deception for your foe to let you get that close while armed with a knife, and enough treachery to snatch out the knife, reach past him, and pull the knife towards you thru his kidney. For that, this knife is admirable

shadowwolf41 @ 4:03 pm #

It really is a shame they discontinued this knife, it’s one of my favorite ones they’ve made!

malicedixmois @ 4:51 pm #

Cold Steel+Eskrima=Death on two legs.

MrBillybrown66 @ 5:47 pm #

I want it.

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