Cold Steel Gunsite Series (folding knives)

12 First authorized and official knives of the renowned Gunsite Training Center. The video says it all. ( Share and discuss Cold Steel at http

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Comments on Cold Steel Gunsite Series (folding knives)

August 6, 2010

CutleryNovice @ 3:53 am #

I like Cold Steel but I haven’t bought one since my AK-47’s Ultra lock broke,in my opinion it’s inferior to the Axis and Cased Ball Bearing locks

GoingToWar @ 4:16 am #

that was not a full chin up.

kiddimeister @ 5:05 am #

at 1:50… why didn’t you show the blade go back? did it bend?… i’ve noticed this in couple of your videos

daSEGAfanatic @ 5:18 am #

does it come with the safety glove of metal plates? :D

scottharriger @ 5:31 am #

PART 4– I have a couple benchmade knives such as the 610 Rukus and some others, a couple CRKT knives such as the M16-14SFG, a few Cold Steel knives and some swiss army knives. My favorite knife is my Gunsite. Cold Steel is simply amazing at making really tough, really sharp, really durable low maintenance knives. This knife is bad ass. Cold Steel is bad ass. Any of their knives are going to be bad ass. Two Thumbs up!

scottharriger @ 6:07 am #

PART 3–After a couple months of initial use, I used a butchers steel (AKA blade straightener) to bring the fine edge back, and it only took abut four strokes. Do that once a month and you shouldn’t have to sharpen it for a long time. I just can’t believe how hard, tough, stiff, yet flexible this blade is.

scottharriger @ 6:28 am #

PART 2– I chipped one of the serrated teeth over the years- but that’s all. Funny thing is, I have only sharpened it once. It is still very sharp and no play at all! I took the clip off and unbent it just a bit so it doesn’t grab my pants pocket too tightly. I am going to purchase an XL Voyager Tanto, as I feel that is the perfect blade for me. Since Cold Steel makes such sharp durable knives, I find I don’t really need the serrations, and that a plain edge has a smoother cutting action.

scottharriger @ 7:02 am #

PART 1–I have the 5″ inch Cold Steel Gunsite. Let me assure you, this is one strong knife and very, very sharp. I was able to easily shave arm hair, out of the box. I have had this knife for over four years. This knife is also lightweight, and since it does not have the bulky profile of other knives this size, it rides easily in my pants pocket and sometimes I forget it’s there, until I need it. Bad ass knife.

PhyXEPhyX @ 7:47 am #

haha suuurrrrreeee that was a pull up… but regardless, that was damn impressive

csknives @ 8:07 am #

no and yes.

HOOOOOOPLA @ 8:42 am #

did the “spine wack” test evem give the knife blade play? and do you use the same knife on all the tests?

godslefthand83 @ 8:49 am #

I have one of these and I believe the video. The Gunsite is a tough, durable knife. Its amazing how sharp this thing is also, but the serations are knid of fragile. You will be sharpening them often as you use the knife.

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