Cold Steel Black Talon : High Quality Folding Knives

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Kershaw Ken Onion Black Blur Folding Knife with Speed Safe
3 3/8″ 440A Stainless Steel blade with Tungsten DLC black coating. Anodized aluminum handle with Trac-Tec inserts. Equip… Click for More Info >>
Tool Logic SLP2 Slpro2 Multifunction Folding Knife with Flashlight Plus Magnesium Fire Starter and Signal Whistle, Silver
The Tool Logic SL1 offers an integrated approach to survival/rescue. It features a razor sharp blade, flashlight and eme… Click for More Info >>
Buck 110 Folding Hunter, Lockback Folding Knife
Buck Knives 110 Folding Hunter is an American Original! The 110 was first made by Buck Knives in 1964, introducing Buck’… Click for More Info >>

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Comments on Cold Steel Black Talon : High Quality Folding Knives

August 18, 2010

nightmarefacility @ 4:28 am #

ha, that meat hand was gnarly

Orthrus @ 5:16 am #


Dude, if I have to use a knife in a fight then that automatically means he’s already trying to kill me. So he’s either ripped me up with a knife of his own or pulled a gun.
Which brings up the point ..why would you not want to kill your opponent? If you have to use lethal force (A knife is automatically lethal force) then you’d better kill them as fast as possible, which means stabbing instead of slashing.
A cut across the ribs doesn’t kill, a stab through the chest does.

nsw1535 @ 5:43 am #

Lol, 100 pounds, nothing anymore. And it’s also funny that that vice their blades to hold it down lol.

Kavoc3 @ 6:32 am #

This proves nothing all it says is its sharp well hate to tell you this buy all knives can be sharp

arhvash @ 7:04 am #

I would prefer a ripper for one single reason: there are much less chances for you to acsidentley kill or give a mortal wound if you like, to your apponent.
In a knife fight its easy to panic and start swinging or stabbing to your right and left, while a knife like this actually forces you to think and cut, not stab. And I`m more than sure that a cut from this baby will convince any jackass to change his mind.

Raz0rking @ 7:15 am #

cut it with the black talon^^

m415mike @ 8:07 am #

Why the hell would it come with a sheath? Please tell me you are just being an idiot.

Oxstayne @ 8:39 am #

… I have a 15 inch penis.

ricetotherescue @ 8:46 am #

that is impressive.

werewolfsorceror @ 9:29 am #

haha. Gimme a handshake. AAAAHHH!!!

Glasseh @ 10:03 am #

Awesome! I always wanted a knife that could cut through cardboard! 1:20

Serialsubscriber @ 10:20 am #

Does it come with a sheath?

nijpis666 @ 10:49 am #

damn i wish i could cut like that at 1:20 lol

XxBowieTipxX @ 11:44 am #

It’s a ripper. I’d prefer a stabber!

kaziklu79 @ 12:04 pm #

Amazing knife, but i can’t afford it – 450 $ here!

93tedd @ 1:03 pm #

“Hello Si…AHHH!?? WHAT THE HECK!??!?”

shiv317 @ 1:29 pm #

dam that is bad ass looking. some one pulls that shit on me and i don’t have a gun…. well…. i am running like hell.

nsw1535 @ 1:52 pm #


tamaplayer22 @ 2:19 pm #

fuck ya!

cexyles222 @ 3:16 pm #


RedReaper89 @ 4:14 pm #

pretty bad ass

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