Maxam® Hunting Knife


  • This knife with simulated wood grain handle and finger holes measures 13-1/2 overall, and feature”
  • Bolsters and finger holes are made of die-cast zinc
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Gift boxed

Product Description
This knife with simulated wood grain handle and finger holes measures 13-1/2″ overall, and features a 420 surgical stainless steel blade. Bolsters and finger holes are made of die-cast zinc. Limited lifetime warranty. Gift boxed…. Click for More Info >>

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Maxam® Hunting Knife

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Comments on Maxam® Hunting Knife

July 22, 2010

Matt Butler @ 5:37 am #

This knife is amazing for the price. I am going to take it with me when ever on an wilderness expedition. This knife is sturdy and sharp. Worth every cent. Buy this knife. Trust me you cant go wrong.
Rating: 5 / 5

G. Sopher @ 7:22 am #

You can use this steel any way you’d like, but this was designed as a weapon, plain and simple. (Not to say that ANY knife COULDN’T be a weapon…) And for the price, a very nice one! The integrated “brass”(die-cast zinc) knuckles are an awesome feature, providing you don’t punch out any stone-hard surface with it. Real brass will bend, whereas “die cast” (or commonly called “pot metal”) will crack or break… From reading the reviews/descriptions it’s easy to tell these are not mass produced by the thousands, as each sounds a little different from the others, including the one I received. My “simulated wood” grip panels are a solid color of brown plastic, not looking much like “wood”, and the die-cast zinc handle assembly is a bronze color and looks to be dipped in a clear protective coating. The piece is very well made and feels and looks very solid. I purchased mine for display, but it seems well made enough to stand up to whatever task it’s asked to perform. To conclude, this is a good buy and a nice piece of cutlery. Also, the sheath I received with my piece is made of nylon with a plastic insert, rather than the sheath that’s pictured in the ad. It’s well made and stout enough to carry the knife securely, it’s just not the one they show with it. This is of no consequence to me since I will be displaying it without the sheath, but it may be of consideration to others.
Rating: 5 / 5

Zach Doldouras @ 8:58 am #

This knife is absolutely amazing! If you are looking for a cool (and functional) knife this is it! may need a little bit of sharpening, but that is with almost all knives you buy online. mine didn’t need much sharpening but it was totally amazing! i expected the knife to weigh a lot, but it was actually quite light. i dont know if this is good or bad but it does look like it could hold up for quite a while! a must have for knife collectors, enthusiasts, etc.
Rating: 5 / 5

Davy Maudlin @ 9:04 am #

When ever i go camping i always have the other guy campers staring, drinking beer trying to look good but my Maxam blade always overpowers their geekyness. I have guys coming over saying, “Ill buy it from you for $450?” but i just say no get you own plus it the best price ever, nearly dirt cheap! a must buy.

The wooden handle almost has a non slip grip if you are sweating, you hand fits perfectly in the holes no matter what hand size, and the blade is so strong, not even a scratch on the blade and i have had it for so long. once again a very good buy.
Rating: 5 / 5

M. Kaff @ 11:37 am #

I got this knife for a friend of mine and he loves it it’s a good quaility knife. He uses it every day and it doesn’t have a scratch on it buy it.
Rating: 5 / 5

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