KaBar Dozier Folding knives: Value Defined


The little Zytel-handled EDC knives offer incredible value for their sub $20 price: AUS-8 steel, sharp hollow ground blades, fast deployment, tight lockup, reversible pocket clip and thumbstud, and a super lightweight 2.4 oz. Several blades designs are offered including the shown Folding Hunter (clip style), Folding Skinner, and the Spear Point Hunter. Newer variations have serrations. Few other knives compare at the pricepoint and the Bob Dozier designed folders set a great standard of value for a utility/EDC blade. //////////////////Nutnfancy Likeability Scale: 8 out of 10 (price considered)

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Comments on KaBar Dozier Folding knives: Value Defined

July 1, 2010

CutleryNovice @ 5:24 am #

@HCDDWarhero Air National Guard

csjvgirls @ 5:48 am #

what features are necessary in order to be considered an backup tactical knife?

yacoub80 @ 6:05 am #

@HCDDWarhero He’s in all of them.

biggin2155 @ 6:11 am #

I posted this on your channel comments and I will post it here as well. The Dozier with the black finish is rust resistant even in salt water. I am in Florida right now and have made several trips into the ocean for hours with this knife in tow. No rust at all. I got home, rinsed the sand out and checked it out. Zero rust. Spyderco tenacious, by comparison, had spots of rust within minutes of hitting the water.

75SilentWarrior @ 6:33 am #

@HeartofaCelt Unfortunatley hcddwarhero recently passed away. As for the branch he is in I thought it was army, I might be wrong though.

HeartofaCelt @ 6:58 am #

@HCDDWarhero Airforce

downtoearth121 @ 7:36 am #

@urkingod …i own the large ka bar tdi and I love it…It has a pretty sharp blade and it will def. get the job done when time comes…i say go for it

PlanBskate4444 @ 8:07 am #

@HCDDWarhero Hes in the USAF

benyboi2k8 @ 8:12 am #

@urkingod turbo deisel injection???

fromTheHMCstudio @ 8:30 am #

@HCDDWarhero air force.

urkingod @ 8:50 am #

Okey, what about KaBar TDI series ????

pietzeekoe @ 9:32 am #

you can get them in folage green, pink , orange and tan too

matthias66 @ 10:14 am #

I’ve seen some models of the Dozier Ka-bar with a hole in it, similar to the hole you see in Spyderco knives. I would think that you could stick some zip ties on that hole, and you might turn it into a pocket snag knife, making it well suited for EDC tasks, and if need be, tactical usage.

MrTech40 @ 10:26 am #

@StrykingHawk Choose whichever blade finish you like better. The finish has no affect on the usability or performance. Just note that after a while the black coat will begin to wear away.

StrykingHawk @ 10:38 am #

I am getting this. Black Coated or Satin Finish? (If it matters, it will be used for EDC) Help me out YouTube community =)

snailspace2 @ 11:16 am #

Just picked up a spear point and hunter. Both are excellent value! Great blades.
One negative is the texture on the handle under the clip. It’ll wear out your pocket if not addressed. High value for the money!

longtex20 @ 11:34 am #

I agree with Nutn. This is a light weight, lock back with a solid thick blade. I bought the Hunter and I liked so much I bought the spear point.

dude19288 @ 12:12 pm #

I just went to the Ka-Bar website the other day and they had special edition Breast Cancer awareness models with pink handles

NewDaysofNoah @ 12:13 pm #

15$ wow…

NewDaysofNoah @ 12:36 pm #

Go handle them yourself. I like both designs but have no experience with either particular knife. But I know KaBar is a solid brand. I own a CRKT, personally the model I own is crap. Had 40$ Kershaws that were better then my 120$ CRKT.

LedZeppelin13k7 @ 12:56 pm #

i own both….my opinion is the crkt drifter… the dozier comes sharper but in my experience carrying both the drifter is stronger and just seems more reliable. hope this helps.

bocmanas @ 1:56 pm #

we have this knifes cheap like 60 lt in our currency

pu5hp1n @ 2:25 pm #

I carry this knife a lot. This great everyday carry and EXTREMELY sharp.

Dren278 @ 2:49 pm #

lol, “knife fix”. I think I’m getting the shakes, may have to order a couple of these. Another great vid.

ColdSteelcollecter @ 2:52 pm #

like i said i like the steel. its just for some reason looking at the name for some reason just…i dont know. well sorry for being “annoying” i dont relaize i exist or people see or care what i do so i dont think about it

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