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Buck 119BR Special Fixed Blade Knife
Buck Knives 119BR Special is Buck Knives most popular fixed blade sheath knife. The Special features a 6″ clip point 420… Click for More Info >>
Collectibles & Figurines Hunting Knife Designed Sword (pack Of 1)
This is a 39 Inch Sword. The Sharpened Stainless Steel Blade is 30 Inches and boasts a 9 Inch handle. This sword has a f… Click for More Info >>

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Comments on Buck Special Hunting Knife

June 24, 2010

pablo81042 @ 4:26 am #

i got this knife too and so far its my favorite one.

XxROBERTSONx @ 4:45 am #

this is my fav knife dno why

utubeworms @ 5:39 am #

It is amazing that you can buy a knife this incredible that is made in the U.S. and only costs $39.95. Go to Walmart and buy one now!

slysfd @ 5:56 am #

after watching the movie im pretty sure they used both. im not sure though. i have this knife and i freakin love it. holds an edge and has a killer look to it.

whitethronebooks @ 6:14 am #

@PerplexityStudios They primarily used the Buck 120 in Scream.

Knifemaster464 @ 7:11 am #

This is the same kinda knife my dad to to Vietnam I own 2 of them but I have to keep them away from him alot of bad memory’s

chazzaboi13 @ 7:55 am #

i got quite a nice onee , sharp edge , leather sheath , built in compass on the handle , saw on the back , sweet for hunting

GearBuyersGuide @ 8:12 am #

@ mwillblade

Sorry for your loss, but thanks for the story, I can understand how something like that can mean so much ..

Another reason knives are so interesting, that some people just won’t understand..

mwillblade @ 8:53 am #

My father bought that knife a week before he passed away because it looked “cool”. He was
82 and I never ever heard him describe something as cool. I have it now .

PerplexityStudios @ 9:15 am #

they used that knife in the movie scream.
btw nice vid

GearBuyersGuide @ 9:16 am #

Thanks, I saw these at the Wall-World the other day but they only show you a picture of the knife now at the sporting goods counter ??

snoopy9134 @ 9:24 am #

They make a better leather sheath for this knife now. It is very thick leather, and had plastic sheath insert. Nice review.

GearBuyersGuide @ 10:12 am #


20tom09gt @ 11:08 am #

the 120 general is better

GearBuyersGuide @ 11:25 am #

these days I’d concider Kydex over nylon..

MonsterHorrorBoy @ 11:44 am #

this knife was also in a lot of the Friday the 13th movies! i bought my buck special at walmart for just over 40 dollars. do you know of any good nylon sheaths for it?

stealthyspider @ 12:18 pm #

Nice to see how a knife looks and holds up after so many years. Great vid

GearBuyersGuide @ 12:51 pm #

I like it.. I wonder if I can get him to trade it…

anthonyromeo @ 1:15 pm #

Very nice! Is it the 119 Special, like Les Stroud has?

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