Tool Logic SLP2 Slpro2 Multifunction Folding Knife with Flashlight Plus Magnesium Fire Starter and Signal Whistle, Silver


  • 3-Inch 50/50 serrated stainless steel blade
  • Brilliant white LED flashlight plus wet/dry magnesium alloy fire starter
  • Ideal for work in low light situations
  • Flashlight is waterproof for shallow immersion
  • Loud emergency signal whistle

Product Description
The Tool Logic SL1 offers an integrated approach to survival/rescue. It features a razor sharp blade, flashlight and emergency signal whistle, all in one compact, lightweight body. At just 2.7 oz this unique folding multi-tool is ideal for work in low light conditions. Its perfect for a wide range of uses from camping and hunting and fishing…. Click for More Info >>

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Tool Logic SLP2 Slpro2 Multifunction Folding Knife with Flashlight Plus Magnesium Fire Starter and Signal Whistle, Silver

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Comments on Tool Logic SLP2 Slpro2 Multifunction Folding Knife with Flashlight Plus Magnesium Fire Starter and Signal Whistle, Silver

June 25, 2010

ideas equate @ 4:05 am #

I’ve owned and traded over a hundred high-quality knives over thirty years, most often custom-make and priced today at a bare minimum of $300. But it seems that factory produced knives are making great strides, with this model as an example.

My opinion, this is an excellent combination knife and tool for its purpose. Grind and steel are excellent. Liner lock is ideal for its function. LED is amazingly tiny and functional. Grip and finish details are nice. Plastic components are good material.

I have only one ironic criticism. The stainless alloy in the blade does not provide an adequate spark from the magnesium rod. A lower grade steel sparks far better. It’s not a fundamental problem, just something the owner needs to know so they can carry a short piece of hacksaw blade or some other odd piece of steel to work the firestarter.
Rating: 5 / 5

M. Meyer @ 4:41 am #

This is great to throw in the back pack, the hunting vest or glove compartment. While I wouldn’t use this as my primary, go-to knife, it is well built and keeps a good edge. What makes it valuable is the LED light (which is amazingly bright), emergency whistle and the firestarter stick – all in a nice, compact combo knife package.

Good price – lots of value – great for your bug out emergency kit.
Rating: 4 / 5

Majak @ 4:58 am #

Nice quality blade, bright led flash, and of course, the firestarter, which seems durable (thick bar).

The whistle is kinda hokey- wouldn’t provide a loud enough sound as compared to some of the inexpensive survival whistles already out there, but a neat concept, and there if needed.

The flashlight uses little batteries I’ve never seen before, I have yet to see if hard to find, but I’m sure they’re out there.

Additional Edit 12/23/07- Bought the little watch batteries (4) as a backup for later, almost as expensive as the device they’re meant for, and the little plastic sleeve they fit into seems to be a single use item, so we’ll see…………….
Rating: 4 / 5

Jens B. Fiederer @ 7:02 am #

Good cutting edge on the blade, I was impressed. Maybe not top-of-the-line, according to some people, but far better than any pocket knife I have ever had.

Somewhat tricky to open one-handed, you have to practice if you don’t want to fumble. Impossible to close one-handed, but that is probably on purpose, it locks open very steadily.

I haven’t lost the attachment yet, although it HAS fallen out a few times, but I expect to sooner or later. The flashlight is cute, but turns on sometimes because it gets turned. The flint DOES strike sparks, but you’d probably have to get some serious tinder to make use of that fact!
Rating: 4 / 5

F. Ferreira @ 9:02 am #

For backpacking I used to bring 2 keylights, a survival knife and a magnesium bar. Now I am switching to one keylight and this SLP2 Pro only, plus one set of backup batteries. The folding knife, magnesium bar and whistle work great. The design is pretty impressive, lightweight and you can carry safely on your pocket. It’s a must inside the tent at night.

I ordered first the SL3, but then I realized that for some more bucks I could have the SLP2 with integrated LED light and save some more space/weight in the backpack. I returned the SL3 to Amazon which refunded me in full except the handling fee since the product was not defective.
Rating: 5 / 5

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