Gerber 06050 Ultra light LST Folding Knife with Fine Blade


  • Blade length: 2-Inch
  • Checkered fiberglass-filled nylon handle ensure strength, durability and a non-slip grip
  • Blade is surgical stainless steel
  • Please note: You must be 18 years old to order any knife or sword. We do require an adult signature at the time of delivery.
  • Limited lifetime warranty

Product Description
Weighing only 1.2-ounces, the Gerber LST Ultra-light Knife features a checkered fiberglass-filled nylon handle to ensure strength, durability, and a non-slip grip. The knife also features a drop-point blade with a convex curve bending towards the point of the blade that offers an ample amount of effective edge for slicing, making it an ideal choice as a hunting knife. The knife comes with a limited lifetime warranty…. More >>

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Gerber 06050 Ultra light LST Folding Knife with Fine Blade

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Comments on Gerber 06050 Ultra light LST Folding Knife with Fine Blade

May 20, 2010

Anonymous @ 6:32 am #

I just have to say, my father has this knife, and has for years. he carries it in his pocket everywhere. This knife can do anything. Carve, cut, whatever you want it for, and it seems like it never needs sharpened! You should definately give this one a try!
Rating: 5 / 5

Rainbow @ 8:46 am #

I have had this knife for many years and just ordered a new one to replace the one I lost. I carry the knife in my pocket all the time and it is so light weight and small that it never is intrusive. The blade is sharp and durable, the folding mechanism is easy, the feel in the hand is perfect. It is handy for all the unopenable packages that one encounters, including the inpenetrable plastic cases on many consumer products, and, well, also the boxes that arrive from Amazon. The only down side is that it is easy to forget that it is in your pocket when preparing for a flight. I have had to make a point of putting it aside the day before travel. It has been around for years, so it is clearly a classic. A great product.
Rating: 5 / 5

Bustin Justin @ 10:34 am #

I have had several of the Ultralights and the Microlight knives from Gerber. They are very light and fairly small so they dont weight me down. Yet they seem to keep their edge for a long time…

My only issue with these knives is I tend to loose them.
Rating: 5 / 5

Buddy J. Gillespie @ 12:22 pm #

I have purchased a variety of pocket knives over the years and have found this little knife to be an outstanding value. It was the sharpest knife out of the box that I ever purchased and very well constructed. It is extremely light also.
Rating: 5 / 5

Jason Mobley @ 1:26 pm #

The knife is nice and sharp. The blade feels sturdy, and the knife is small enough to be on my key ring.
Rating: 5 / 5

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